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3/19/08 5:44:24AM
hi, i was just wondering if any of u guys had an idea for a good meal plan for mma, like strength, cardio and whatever else, and what kind of excerise should i be doing, im already doing weights, just wondering what else?

3/19/08 4:36:47PM
depending on your body size, assuming you're average and plan to cut to a lower weight class I would say

Salad- lettuce greens lots of em. MMA is all about endurence and eating tons of greens will lower your acidity and allow for more reps. Also when you eat light you can just do more.

Do not exclude meat and carbs- Eat boiled and baked chicken, it's okay for you. Certain steaks aren't terrible.
Carbs are hugely important you just need to know when to eat them. On days that you are gonna lift eat pasta and bread in the morning. Using carbs is big.

Water- Drink lots of water. Water cleans your system out and overall just makes you feel better. It can help get rid of unnecessary hunger.
Also water assists in weight cutting. You drink a load of water in your training so your body gets used to peeing and sweating a certain amount. The couple days before cutting you stop drinking much water and your body still gets rid of the same amount. Much easier.

Running and sprinting are key. Cardio is one thing we can all improve. Even if you're not physically stronger or even more technically sharp you can always outwork your opponent. Lifting weights (for strenghth only, not muscle) along with a huge cardio tank behind you and chances of victory will always be greatly improved.

Lifting- I lift strictly for strength and stamina. I'm 162 and I bench 210 on a 10 set. I max at 250. Trust me, lift no fewer then 10 reps and if you need time in between your sets take it. Except for endurence obviously. Freeweights should be used for areas of muscle you want to be bigger. Most bodybuilders are soft for their weight and physique.

Stretching is very important. Recovery time is much faster when you are flexible.
3/19/08 4:51:33PM
i should have been more specific, im about 6 foot, and about 145 pounds, and i wouldn't mind putting on weight. and for training, im going for jogs/runs almost everyday day, and for weights, every second day im doing arms, shoulders, and every other day im doing legs and back, low reps/heavy weights, is that right? and whenever i can, i do push-ups/sit-ups/bridges, and other stuff like that.
3/19/08 8:24:41PM
The workout seems alright.

Look up "pyramids" they build muscle at incredible pace.

Your biggest deal is eating habits.

Stuff all the carbs you can down your throat.

A big thing is gonna be getting someone to spot you and push you until you can feel your muscles short circuit.

Eat salad- more lifting stamina.

Do massive sets- like 5-10 sets of bench or other major workouts, go nuts.

lower your rest time to a minute or under.

This is called bloodpumping.

Dumbells are your friends, trust me on that. They are the core of my workouts.

And yes I am a gymrat.
3/19/08 9:48:45PM
thanks heaps, im planning on writing up a meal/excerise plan, so ill be sure to include ur tips in it. ill probably post it once ive drawn it up, and you'se guys can tell me if im heading in the right direction.
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