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2/22/08 10:47:51PM
Take this for what its worth, Not much, But when a couple billionare's are involved, Lets say "The sky is NOT the limit"

The McMahon's have been rumored to be interested in starting a mixed martial arts promotion. Shane McMahon in particular is said to be a big fan of the sport and the McMahon name has come up a number of times when various promotions have been up for sale (including PRIDE) or starting up.

Billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban has spoken before about working with the McMahon's in the MMA world. Cuban owns "HDNet", a high-definition TV channel that features a lot of MMA shows. HE is trying to put together the heavyweight fight that everyone wants to see later this year - Randy Couture vs. Fedor Emelianenko.

In a recent interview with The Edmonton Sun, Cuban was asked:

Are you trying to form an MMA company to rival the UFC? Are you thinking of involving the McMahon family from the WWE?

His answer was: "Absolutely. We are looking to partner where we can, do our own promotions where it makes sense. We think the future is built around the fighters and their personalities. No one else has this focus and partnership approach. We think it's a winner."

2/22/08 10:55:10PM
interesting...if they do end up making something happen, they are certantly gonna raise the bar for what the fighter get paid and the UFC will have to up their pays to keep their fighters.............
2/22/08 10:56:02PM
if MMA has a fabricated story line the sport will die a week later
2/22/08 11:02:55PM

Posted by ufcboss

We think the future is built around the fightersand their personalities.

That could be scary coming from McMahon. We don't need Liddell to come out with a mic talking s**t after a Rampage match and then storming into the octagon and breaking a chair over his back. That's too much personality.

Good Luck, but nothin fancy McMahon.
2/22/08 11:19:33PM
I hate to say it because i hate what they did to the WWF!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But i would like to see the UFC get some serious competition. It would be very good for the fighters. and in the end we can all empethize for the worker(fighter) so i hope all of Mark Cuban's and The MCmahon's $$$$$$$$ can buy them a legit MMA Buisness????
2/23/08 3:39:39AM
I hate where this is going.
2/23/08 10:26:37AM
McMahon would currupt the sport and make it into an entertainment buisness with costumes and bra and panty chick matches and ppv's with casket matches it would be rediculous.
2/23/08 10:44:50AM
It doesn't matter if they did bra and panties matches or not.

Just the name association illegitimizes the promotion automatically. I don't mind wrestlers becoming mma guys, but there is a major public perception of what the McMahon family name means. I still have ppl in the general public say things to me like "isn't that fake? it isn't sanctioned by any board right?" and they're surprised to hear that sanctioning was what brought it back on tv etc.

Their name will make the common US non fan think it's all like pro wrestling.

Best thing Shane could ever do for this sport is to stay out of it, at least publically.
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