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5/6/07 3:28:57AM
I don't know about you, but I think all the recent talk he has done was to get this "young, bored with boxing, mma crowd" interested in his big final show. Maybe he will fight Sherk. The next 6 mos or so will answer.
This is a good article on the fight and just a few of the aftermath possiblities.
5/6/07 4:14:15AM
I watched the fight, and de la Hoya won, buch of B.S. on the score cards!!!!!!
5/6/07 4:34:12AM
I haven't gotten to see it. Most reviews I've seen so far have said it was a proper dicision, but I have no idea yet. Musta been close either way. It says if one judge had gone the other way on the close 12th rd it woulda gone the other way. I hope I'm wrong but I think he has no intention of fighting Sherk or anyone else in a cage. He seems like a real mouth runner, publicity whore if you will. He wanted to attract all the ppv #'s we generate by calling us out. If he steps in, I might say different depending on how serious it seems he's taking it etc. But for nwo I thik it's talk. And that might've been the last "biig" boxing card for a spell.
5/6/07 8:36:56AM
Would have to disagree. Mayweather won that fight hands down. Lampleys comments at the end were unessasry. Nice to see Kellerman step up and disagree with him.
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