Why the Mayweather-UFC Feud is All Talk

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4/20/07 2:11:52PM

Look at it this way:

Mayweather is expected to earn $12 million for his fight against Oscar De La Hoya on May 5.

In all of 2006, the UFC spent about $6.4 million on fighter payrolls*. That's the entire year -- 17 events**, 296 fights, 592 fighters.

In other words, in 36 minutes of boxing, Mayweather is going to earn nearly twice as much money as every fighter in the UFC earned all of last year.

4/21/07 12:09:40AM
And rightfully so...Boxing paved the way for MMA to even exist...It goes to show you that if MMA fighters are so bad why are they getting their ears tore off for penny's when they could be sticking rich in just 36 minutes...Because wrestlers had to find a way to start making money and they couldn't last in the real ring...Maybe someday
4/24/07 9:22:19AM
ARE YOU SERIOUS! wrestlers started fighting mma because mma is better than boxing. Why go to boxing and fight 1 demensional fighters when you can fight mma and be challenged by ever aspect of fighting that you can imagine. maybe boxers become boxers because they know they can't avoid take downs or they can't comprehend BBJ. Boxers are definitly not better than MMA fighters.
Fanboy 1988
4/24/07 9:58:45AM
It's pretty stupid to think boxers are better then MMA fighters, or Ju-Jitsu fighters

It's pretty pointless to discuss also, just look how bad Royce beat Art Jimmerson's ass, it's already been proven 100% boxers don't do good

I also hate the fact that boxers make more money the MMA fighters, in boxing all you gotta do is to throw and defend a punch. MMA you gotta know how to defend and throw a punch, defend and throw a kick, learn how to get a takedown and defend a takedown, learn how to apply countless submissions and defend them, knees, elbows the list goes on and on.. It shouldn't matter if boxing was around first or not, and Mayweather just showed how sad and stupid he really is to think he would easly walk threw the UFC's lightweight champ....

I would have all the respect in the world for Mayweather if he did go into the UFC and fought Sherk. even if he got his ass beat, atleast he would have the balls to do it.your either a fighter or your not.

4/24/07 10:50:26AM

Posted by disorderlyvision

In all of 2006, the UFC spent about $6.4 million on fighter payrolls*. That's the entire year -- 17 events**, 296 fights, 592 fighters.

I agree that Dana won't fork out that much cashfor a boxer, supposedly he offered $2MIL.

But you're twisting your numbers. That $6.4 MIL is only a fraction since that is what reported to the commissions. It doesn't count PPV cuts, bonuses, travel money, things like that.

I'm not saying he's handling bags of money "under the table" illegally, but the UFC paid a lot more to it's fighters than 6.4 MIL for '06. They only have to publicly report the purse itself.
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