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6/9/08 7:39:15PM

Dont know how credbile the source is..

But at the bottom of the page on the Link under other news...youll see it.
6/9/08 7:45:15PM
I really cant see it happening..$200 million is alot.

Guess we'll have to see what goes on this week.
6/9/08 7:52:04PM
When I look for hardcore news stories, I head straight to

Yeah, right.
6/9/08 7:52:12PM
$200 million........
6/9/08 7:53:43PM

Posted by ohiostate1016

When I look for hardcore news stories, I head straight to

Yeah, right.

Yeah tell me about it....I was looking for NHL rumors and seen it...I had to share it though..
6/9/08 8:12:55PM
that is way to much money, for him to get his ass kicked!!!!
6/9/08 8:33:08PM
Although I think that money is way too high for what will actually happen---I DO think they will be signing him. Rumors are flying all over the net and message boards. I, for one, am actually excited only because I want to see him get "schooled" in MMA just to shut him up!
6/9/08 8:53:37PM
Yeah not sure on the money, but you have to say one thing about Floyd...he is a helluva athlete, and trains like he will have awesome standup and great cardio. Can he learn some jits and grappling we will see. I guess he has as much of a shot as a Kimbo, maybe more if you give him props for the actual legitimate boxing career. I think most trainers would be happy as hell to inherit a guy like that. One thing for sure he won't be running that mouth like he usually does after a big loss when it comes.
6/9/08 9:04:18PM
Interesting though that this rumor surfaces when Dana said there is going to be a ground breaking announcement later this week, and the article says it could be announced on Thursday. I wonder if there is any correlation there but I surely hope there is not because that guy better not be getting that kind of money while some of the best fighters don't get jack.
6/9/08 9:37:28PM
He wouldn't give fedor a million! now way
6/9/08 10:21:13PM
Dana White wouldn't pay 200 million for the whole affliction card crew let alone a 140 pound boxer give me a break
6/9/08 11:03:29PM
If this does actually happen, Dana White would be hands down considered THE WORST president of any sports company or team, in sports history.

Kobe Bryant, the best basketball player in the game right now does not even make $200 Million dollars. Tom Brady and Payton Manning probably don't make $200 Million dollars combined for being the best Quartbacks in football. Not to mention you already have heat from a current UFC Hall Of Famer and a should be future one(Randy and Tito.) You BARELY gave Kalib Starnes $10,000 a fight, and your going to give somebody with no experience in the sport 200 mil. when IMHO he does not even have half the MMA skill Kalib has?

But surprisingly, I would not be surprised if this did happen. I mean shoot, they let Brock Lesnar, another one dimensional fighter in with just one fight under his belt. I would cry if happened. MMA WOULD BE SCREWED!!!
6/9/08 11:13:43PM
yeah right

won't pay fedor 3 million nor randy big money
throw 200 to a boxer not a mma fighter
i doubt it
6/9/08 11:48:19PM
this is stupid. dont believe it.
6/10/08 12:31:26AM

Posted by RandyCouture

Dana White wouldn't pay 200 million for the whole affliction card crew let alone a 140 pound boxer give me a break

No way, not when you have had champs in this sport complain the money isnt what it should be..
6/10/08 12:49:49AM
I don't think so. Pay him 200 million, then send him in to fight and get beat within the first round. No chance.
6/10/08 1:15:52AM
200 million would be a huge slap in the face to the people who are actual MMA fighters and are getting paid 10k a fight. Sure he would bring new fans and big ratings but this is turning into a bit of a circus act for ratings.
6/10/08 1:26:12AM
He makes maybe 1/10 of that when he fights big names like Oscar De La Hoya (who made a lot more than him in that fight because of his promotion company).
Mayweather needs to keep out of MMA.
6/10/08 1:33:00AM
i will give dana lead kneecaps if he signs pretty boy
6/10/08 2:11:16AM
It will be deadly for the UFC's well being for it even being just 20 million dollars. I bet it's a one fight deal for 2 million. Dana just wants to see him get his ass kicked.
6/10/08 9:55:04AM
$200 mil will not happen. Gimme a break. I'd be surprised to see 2 mil. Maywether fighting in the UFC would bring in a huge audience, but not worth $200 mil. I'd like to see it and he would undoubtedly be schooled on the ground by whoever he faced.
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