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3/21/07 1:57:39PM
I know this isn't a mma topic, but how can you not ignore this matchup in boxing. One of the biggest fights in a loooooong time. I am for one not a big boxing fan, but I am really excited for this fight.

3/21/07 2:13:41PM
I was really dissappointed in Floyd's last fight against Baldomir...

He just ran from him for the second half of the fight... I know he has the problem with breaking his hand, but it's tough to watch a guy with that much skill, just bounce around the ring and not put much of any of it to good use for more than half the fight...

With that being said, I don't think anyone realativly near Mayweather's size could beat him... The guy is just too fast, and too elusive, and his combos are just plain sick...

I think De La Hoya will put up a good fight, and if he can force Floyd to stand with him, cut off the ring, and bang with the guy, he's got a chance... Especially if he can land the left hook... Come to think of it, I've never seen Mayweather rocked and would like to see someone really take a fight to him...

Sorry about the long post... In conclusion, I'll go with Mayweather by UD...

3/21/07 2:19:11PM
I think Oscar's left hooks to the body will be the difference. I think Mayweather is the best P4P boxer, but DelaHoya( even past his prime) hits hard and is active enough to win this one IMo. I agree Mayweather should be the favorite , but I just have a feeling Oscar takes it. In his Prime I think Oscar would actually KO him.
3/21/07 3:51:28PM
Can't really argue with any of that... I personally have never seen Mayweather's chin tested, so there is no reason that Oscar wouldn't have the proverbial 'puncher's chance', and add that to the experience and talent that DLHoya's got, it should be a good fight...

Anyone know what weight they are fighting at? As Floyd moves up in weight, you'd have to think that at some point, he's going to bite off more than he can chew....
3/21/07 3:57:37PM
I think it's 154
3/21/07 4:12:53PM
this fight IMO will be similar to

cesar chavez vs meldrick taylor

3/21/07 4:23:27PM
I used to be a huge boxing fan and i am so excited for this fight.
Mayweather is a 2-1 favorite but i really want to see his teeth knocked out.
3/21/07 9:42:29PM
I also hate Mayweather,but i think he will pull it off

but Oscar has a big heart and very wise!...wisdom can beat speed anyday,its all about timing.For Oscar to pull it off he will have to do what he does best,Oscar has the better,stronger jab so he should keep that in Floyds face the whole fight.....he should stick to the body the whole first half of the fight(rounds 1-6),and hopfully slow Floyd down a bit and hopfully land some good headshots in the later rounds...

But this will be the most important issue...Who the Referee will be!!!

I hope its Steve Smoger or someone with his style at refereeing,cuz Floyd is the type that throws a quick little combo,and steps in for a clinch and waits for the ref. to seperate them,but Smoger is the type that makes you fight out of the clinch..."Punch your way out"...he's my fav. ref from them all!

so if its a shitty ref. that lets Floyd pull off those tactics i will be pissed!

i also cant believe Floyd is saying this will be his final fight,but i call bs...but if he does then its lame cuz we will never see Floyd up against any of the new up and comers like Cotto,Malignaggi,Margarito,or even a rematch with Judah

i will be pulling for De La Hoya all the way,and you never know.....this DOES seem like "The year of the Upsets" after all..

3/21/07 10:57:30PM
Mayweather is everything I hate about boxing, so I want him to lose.
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