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1/22/10 2:16:18PM
It seemed like a title shot was looming on the horizon when Gray Maynard stepped into the Octagon with Nate Diaz last week. When the fight was over Maynard came away with a split decision victory, but the title shot went to Frankie Edgar instead.While nothing was ever guaranteed, Maynard does hold a victory over Edgar and the cards all seemed in place for him to get the shot. To hear the Las Vegas based fighter tell it though, more factors played into the decision than just records and who beat who.

1/22/10 3:12:28PM
Good. Like to see this kinda classy stuff.
1/22/10 4:25:04PM
Very classy and mature. This makes me a bigger fan of Gray Maynard.
1/22/10 4:55:29PM
Gray's a great fighter and just needs to improve on a few things to be on Penn's level. He's the number one contender in my opinion and before he gets a chance at a title shot then he has time to keep improving. I was real impressed Gray stuck to his stand up strategy with Diaz and if Edgar does beat BJ, I'd be real pleased to see a Edgar vs Diaz rematch for the title.
1/22/10 7:30:53PM
maynard Understands Edgar Getting Title Shot.......and so do I
1/25/10 12:32:14PM
all maynards wins are by decision except one. he isnt ready glad he knows.
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