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9/8/09 8:25:39AM
"As the lightweight division awaits the next title defense by champion B.J. Penn in December, the list of contenders is constantly growing. The choice for the next top 155-pound contender could be crowned on Sept. 16 when Gray Maynard goes for his sixth win in a row when he faces Roger Huerta at UFC Fight Night 19 in Oklahoma.

Maynard’s string of wins includes victories over Frankie Edgar, Jim Miller, and Rich Clementi. He's hoping to tack Huerta onto the list in what could be the budding actor’s final fight with the UFC. It's no secret that Huerta has expressed his desire to venture onto the silver screen and the fight against Maynard is the last on his current fight contract."


I like Maynard a lot. This sound be a good fight.
9/8/09 9:40:21AM
THis fight is gonna be craaaazy. Either guy has what it takes to win this fight, but I think if Maynard can get him down, he'll be able to grind out a decision.
9/8/09 2:12:23PM
Maynard is going to give him a bully beatdown, hehe.
9/8/09 2:48:24PM
I have a feeling that this is going to be the FOTN. If it wasnt for Huerta being on his way out this should have been the main event IMO.
9/8/09 7:22:59PM

"I want it where they come to me and it's like, ‘hey, we want this.’ I don't want to have to ask, it's like, 'please Dana, Joe, give this to me, please," Maynard said. "I hate asking for stuff. I'm not going to ask them for nothing. I want (them) to ask me, 'hey, you're doing great and it’s time.' And of course I'll say yes."

Thank you! I'm so sick of the begging for title fights. The fans, and especially the organizers know where a person lies in the standings. I understand you want a title fight and probably deserve it, but begging for it lowers them a little in my eyes. That's why I respect Fitch so much. The road he traveled for his one shot was such a quiet one, and yet he never complained. Instead he kicked ass and took names. Maynard gets more props from me.
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