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10/8/12 9:19:37PM
Video Link

"The video was pulled earlier, but here’s what released via you tube. Mayhem was very confrontational and seemed very out of sorts. Very sad to see."

10/8/12 9:25:42PM
Looks drunk or drugged off his mind
10/8/12 9:27:29PM
Feel bad for the guy.

Hes a very decent commentator. If he'd just straighten up he could very easily land a job commentating
10/8/12 10:25:05PM
wtf ?? out of control, guy needs help.
10/8/12 10:50:00PM
I like how the video has 300 views, but 700 likes/dislikes
10/8/12 10:53:14PM
holy crap I just watched that...he's insane

the uncomfortable awkwardness was so thick..but ariel handled it quite well
10/8/12 10:54:29PM
mayhem even called him "jew" he's so nuts heading down a dangerous path
10/8/12 10:55:18PM
He's had enough chances. I don't feel a bit sorry for him.
10/8/12 10:59:43PM
I think he may be 'advertising'. He is playing a character called lucky Patrick in the Here Comes the Boom movie. Either he got stuck in character or he's trying to drum up publicity for himself and the movie. Maybe he's trying to prove he can act, as he knows his fighting career is over.
10/9/12 12:42:49AM
Anti-Semitic = disgusting

Whatever hell Jason has coming in his future, he deserves it....come over to Oregon and run your mouth, meh-HAM.
10/9/12 12:43:32AM
The was bizzare to say the least. Ariel had real fear on his face there for a second. It will be interesting to see if it was all an act or if there is more going on here.
10/9/12 1:05:48AM
Mayhem is either in desperate need of psychological attention or he is an absolute genius. Either way I feel like he was a bit out of line on the show but if it was solely a publicity stunt I can at lest appreciate what he was doing. The biggest issue with trying to be a modern day Andy kaufman is that Kaufman was the first guy ever to pull those kind of stunts and the world wide web wasn't around to exposed the concept. So Miller may find himself in more of a spot of criticism than praise just because like all of us the rest of the mma community will be evaluating his mental health by this time tomorrow. If it isn't an act then I honestly hope the guy finds some help or at a minimum winds up at peace with himself in the very near future. It's difficult to watch a guy with so much talent in the fighting world and in the media fall so far from the success he had established long before the main stream identity of the sport.
10/9/12 1:47:44AM
Some people really just need to grow the fuck up.
10/9/12 2:02:31AM
At least he kept his clothes on this time.
10/9/12 4:33:33AM
Man I hate Ariel but...that was weird shit lol
10/9/12 5:38:27AM
Just a mess
10/9/12 10:07:19AM
Wow, he did the whole thing "in character". Not particularly good though.
Of course, he's missing the accent. Maybe he's drunk too.

Ariel's reaction was very interesting:


10/9/12 10:08:15AM
There is no way that was an act.....boy is off his rocker....truth is stranger than fiction! And that was STRANGE!!!
10/9/12 10:56:45AM
WOW!!! That was waaaay to much. Mayhem is losing it big time!!! He better get help or something really bad could happen. Hopefully he won't hurt someone badly before he gets the help he needs. It didn't look like an act to me at all, just like someone who's totally losing it!!!!
10/9/12 10:59:31AM
mayhem sure is dropping to the bottom
hope he pulls his shit together , sad to see
10/9/12 11:04:40AM
Man, that was tough to watch.
Seems like someone has hit rock bottom, hope he has people around him, cause he is not well.
10/9/12 11:10:37AM
That was tough to sit through...Ariel should've taken a commercial break or something and just been done with it.
10/9/12 11:14:42AM
Just bizarre
10/9/12 11:33:01AM
Hey Mayhem, Casey Affleck and Joaquin Phoenix want their act back.

He's been doing the same shit on twitter for the past week, he's definitely trying to get publicity for the movie and himself, but making himself seem even stranger in the making.

I hope he realizes he's hurting himself more than helping himself, by acting like this, but then again he always had a few screws loose, so doubt that he does. It's a shame someone from his family/friends doesn't try and seek him some help.
10/9/12 5:17:01PM
I'm sure very few will agree with me, but I think this is being blown out of proportion. Jason was obviously in character and committed to it. What's the difference between what he was doing and what Chael does prior to every fight? Other than the fact that Chael Sonnen's alter ego is also named Chael Sonnen, not much. Mayhem obviously didn't do the greatest job of preparing for the role, but it's something that takes 2 people in order to succeed. Chael Sonnen is only successful if his media counterpart plays along with the gag. Had Ariel played along, it could've went differently. With that said, I have no idea what was promised to the MMA Hour or what else happened beforehand, but either playing along with the game or just cutting the segment short could've saved at least some of the awkwardness we witnessed. And if you don't know what I'm talking about, watch Chael walk off of OTR and see that even someone as good at the game as him can get fed up when the interviewer doesn't play along.

Was this stunt a good idea? I don't know. Was it well executed? Definitely not. Could it have been salvaged by the host? It would've been better, for sure. Did Mayhem do this because he has issues? No, I don't believe so. I think he has some things to work out in his personal life, but the only impact I believe it had on the situation was that it probably made him further frustrated when things didn't go as planned.
10/9/12 5:19:58PM
check out his twitter page, hes off the handle
10/9/12 5:29:09PM
I'm not saying he's not off the handle, I just think that anytime someone is 100% committed to be in character and you continuously call them out on the fact, the outcome is obvious. If you watch the video I linked above just past the 9:10 mark, Landsberg says "I don't understand, I must be missing something", to which Chael rolls his eyes and says, "you got that right". The interview didn't last much longer. That pretty much sums it up for me. Regardless of what hurdles Jason has in life right now, considering both he and Ariel weren't willing to back down from their respective positions, it wasn't going to end well for one of them. That much is pretty much guaranteed. So, in retrospect, I don't see any reason to act like the result was serendipitous. If the same thing happened 4 years ago, the result would have been similar IMO.
10/9/12 6:35:55PM
The way I look at it is Ariel knows Miller much more than I do and he was genuinely worried. He said he chased Miller down the street and he wouldn't stop with the character or let him speak.

Promoting your movie by being in character on camera is one thing. Messing around with the cameras, taking a prop from the set (He didn't return the Volkmann t-shirt), throwing stuff at the host, storming off after less than 15 minutes and refusing to break character off camera and run down the street is another.

None of us have a clue what's really going on but Mayhem has clearly reached a new level of crazy.
10/9/12 7:47:39PM
The little petty things like taking something was probably due to anger at that point, not that it excuses it. But then again, I don't know that much about Lucky Pierre or whatever it is he's calling himself. He cracked a couple of Jewish jokes as well, but I don't buy that he was generally trying to be antisemitic...he was playing a character. I don't think we can make a correlation between how committed he is to a character with how mentally stable he is. I mean, have you ever seen Borat break character, regardless of the scenario? He knew he'd look like a fool if he shut down the character after the commitment was already made...only to ultimately pursue the lesser of two evils. It seems like people are attributing his character to having a mental breakdown, but I don't see it that way at all. He could've handled it better, without a doubt, but the bad ending was already written when 1 person from a 2-person act goes rogue. And I'm not insinuating that Ariel was in on it beforehand, but he knows the game. He's interviewed Chael Sonnen a few times. He made mention of Andy Kaufman, so he's well aware of the formula involved. Add to the fact that he's supposedly a friend of Ariel, he probably thought the cue would be taken...he guessed wrong. Trying to force a character into reality leads to a horrible ending pretty much 100% of the time...and I think that is being overlooked. If someone can present a case where it went swimmingly, I'm all ears.
10/9/12 7:54:22PM
I agree with grappler.

I could tell at the beginning that he was obviously playing some sort of character
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