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3/3/11 3:02:53PM
Hey guys this is me just trying to help. idk if this is the right section and idk if this was posted before. I live in the mid-east Lebanon to be specific. I don't pay for cable cuz the guy im subscribed to is stupid and doesn't know. So anyway Im pretty sure most of the people here know about Show sports and stuff. Well they put UFC PPV's for free and countdowns and all the good things on it. The PPV's are all live and they do like 20 re-runs of the PPV tell the next PPV. So instead of paying $60 for each PPV you can subscribe to Orbit Showtime Network idk how much it costs but its more reasonable then subscribing to verizon and paying $60 for each PPV event.

So sorry if this doesn't help you and i wasted your time. Also Im not 100% sure there is Orbit... in the U.S i used to live there and never trying finding out if there is.
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