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5/29/09 1:19:49AM
According to, Dana White will be speaking with Mauricio "Shogun" Rua as potentially a challenger to the newly-crowned Light Heavyweight champion Lyoto Machida for a September matchup.

Dana White met with Mauricio "Shogun" Rua at the Zuffa offices today and is in the process of putting together what Dana calls a "really big fight".

Our gut feeling tells us that Lyoto Machida will be defending the light heavyweight belt against Rua in September. That would leave Machida without an opponent for the December show, since Rashad Evans and Rampage Jackson will likely be meeting on that card.

5/29/09 1:25:23AM
YES!!!! i hope the old shogun is back, or it will be a short night for him.
5/29/09 1:57:29AM
On shoguns wikipedia page it says hes scheduled to fight machida next at ufc 103! haha go figure that they'd get it right first.
5/29/09 3:31:13AM
ill take shogun by TKO
5/29/09 6:00:08AM
Everyone gets a shot at the title by beating Chuck...except poor Keith Jardine.
5/29/09 7:05:10AM
Wow , I knew it was a possibility that Rampage wanted Evans more than Machida But I didn't think they were going to throw Shogun in the fire off of knocking Chuck out . Shogun has been my favorite for some time but I think it's too soon . I'd like to see him fight Jardine or Vera or Cane to find out if he's really back . Without Rampage , Shogun is the only fighter available that is a huge draw for a Machida fight . I know everybody is on the Machida bandwagon now and the real MMA fans have known how great he is for some time , but I think Shogun shows up ready for a five round fight and shows why he was the best fighter in the world not too long ago . This will be the most talented fight in MMA history , I don't know that there's ever been a match of such dominant fighters , I think Shogun wins . I think Machida is the best fighter in the world right now , but I think Rashad never had a chance , Thiago is too much of a robot , Tito was injured and just didn't have the stand-up skill , Sokoudjou's more of an athlete than a fighter right now , David Heath has never beaten anybody good , Sam Hoger is a good fighter but hardly elite , Vernon White has a losing record for a reason , BJ Penn is a 155 pound fighter , Rich Franklin is a well rounded fighter whose beaten many good fighters but never any great fighters , Stephan Bonnar is another good fighter but not great . I just feel that Shogun has been more dominant against a higher level of competition .
5/29/09 7:30:33AM
I hope this is true and i hope it is true that the ufc 103 card is still going to be in manchester,england september cause am gan grab me a ticket.
5/29/09 7:35:33AM
I think that this is a way to keep Shogun relevant even if he loses.
(DOn't get me wrong I think he's got a shot at winning for sure.Probably the best shot out of most the LHW's)

But considering how he's had a rough go in a few of his recent fights,he can lose this bout and still come out really without being too blemished because if he loses,he's gonna lose to the guy who is the 205 king.
If he wins,then the biggest king without a crown finally gets his due.
If he were to go against a lower ranked opponent now and were beaten convincingly,his stock will plummet dramaticly and pushing him in the publics eye will be harder to do.
Putting him up against Lyoto after defeating Liddell keeps him in the spotlight.Even if he loses they can still push and promote him greatly in his next bout.

imo,win or lose Shogun comes out of this fight clean.
I say the pressure is on Machida.
5/29/09 10:45:37PM

Posted by Wolfenstein

Everyone gets a shot at the title by beating Chuck...except poor Keith Jardine.

Keith Jardine always seems like the nearly man....
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