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5/30/09 8:38:36PM

Posted by Master_of_Mantis_Rapture

I am getting sick of this b.s. I'd like to see the LHW belt defended more than once or maybe twice this year.
This is what I'm trying to understand. Rampage 'opted' to fight Rashad before Machida to settle a grudge. I would assume that if Rashad Beat his next opponent, he could get a shot for the title. If Rampage felt he could defeat Machida, Don't you think he would fight for the belt sooner and then fight the winner of say... Rashad and Shogun. Shogun isn't in any possition to challenge yet. He's beaten Chuck after chuck hasn't been able to stay awake in a fight.
Quack, Quack for Rampage?
Shogun Machida in October? Then Page/Shad in Dec? So Page/Shad vs Machida next April?
How long since the B.J. defended?

I dont think rampage "opted" to fight Rashad, I think he was told this is what we have for you take it or leave it. Machida's camp knew about the change in challengers the day after the fight and said so on a radio show they just wouldn't say who. Im almost positive that was before Dana had a chance to talk to Jackson but thats just my opinion.

As for rua's credentials I think you need to take the UFC goggles off and look into pride and Im sure you'll see that even though he has not been all that impressive in a few fights he dose have the pedigree to be in this fight.

Ive been critical of Rua in the past but his poor outings seem to coincide with his back to back knee injury's(and major knee surgery's) to both knees and one knee twice. The fact is Rua was ranked number 1 in the world for a reason and if he can stay healthy I think he is the biggest test the UFC has for Machida.

The UFC has never been and will never be like boxing where you need to be the number one contender to get the title shot, I dont think that will change either so the best thing to do is to kick back and enjoy this fight b/c its going to be good!

I think Machida himself might have had more to do with this than Jackson... but thats pure speculation.

P.S. Ive had the knee surgery Rua has had and let me tell you its not a in and out procedure and to have three of them almost back to back to back..... I think you all need to cut him some slack.
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