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3/28/08 9:28:08PM
Seriously. It’s now officially ****** up. Let’s count the fighters that Bob Meyrowitz’s YAMMA 1 event has lost to date:

– Headliner Don Frye
– Gary Goodridge
– Frye’s replacement, Patrick Smith
– Rex Richards
– Two undisclosed members of the heavyweight tournament

The fight card on YAMMA’s site has still not been updated, but we’ll try and keep score for ya’. It was reported earlier that Ricco Rodriguez had been tapped to fill in as one of the replacements in the eight-man tourney, but we’re still not sure where that one stands. Rex Richards was replaced by Kevin Jordan. Don Frye had pulled out for whatever reason — probably because he realized how terrible the card is — and Patrick Smith took over. Then Pat Smith had been dropped due to arrest scheduling and 90-year-old Maurice Smith had been submitted as his replacement

3/28/08 11:44:32PM
Hate to say it. Bob Meyrowitz is promoting this show as a spectacle vs a sport. Maybe even the fighters are a little embarrassed.
3/29/08 4:02:23AM
Gary is still fighting, I spoke with him today!!I
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