10/12/08 4:12:24AM
Former UFC light heavyweight champion Quinton "Rampage" Jackson is back in the U.S. after a trip across the pond to the U.K., where he’s set up shop at the Wolfslair gym alongside teammates Paul Kelly and Michael Bisping.

Jackson’s commute is hard on his family life, so he lavishes attention on his four children when he returns.

“My dad was a working man. He was in the National Guard, be gone for two weeks at a time,” Jackson said in an exclusive video interview with “My big boys understand; my two little babies, they don’t know. They just know, ‘daddy gone, pow, pow.’”

Jackson immediately took a liking to the Wolfslair when Bisping invited him there to train for his fight with Dan Henderson at UFC 75. Jackson successfully defended his title, but lost it in a subsequent five-round war with Forrest Griffin at UFC 86. After leaving former trainer Juanito Ibarra, he felt a move across the pond was necessary.

“The managers and stuff over there are really good, and it’s just really a good atmosphere,” he said. “The guys work really hard. I needed a change in my training and how people trained me. I’m a Werewolf, and the name of the gym is the Wolfslair. You do the math.”

Wolfslair trainers have Jackson doing things he’s never done for a fight.

“I’m swimming now,” he said. “It’s helping my cardio get a lot better. I’ve started lifting weights. What do you call it, strength and conditioning.”

10/12/08 4:22:18AM
He definitely sounds a bit different. Calm is the word that comes to mind.

I hope we get to see a great Jackson vs. Silva 3 war. A big part of me wants Rampage to make a good comeback and move past his emotional turmoil.... but another slightly larger part of me wants to see a highlight like Jackson vs. Silva 2 since Wanderlei is the man.

Either way both guys will bring it for the fans
10/12/08 11:57:48AM
I think it'll be a war, a war of all wars. Each man is ready for the spotlight, and also, to produce under the spotlight. Wandy is one of, hell, he is my favorite fighter, but a bias never runs deep for me, I can see it going both ways.
If Rampage indeed, is changed, and comes out looking like he did against Hendo, this could be a big fight. I'm thinking Wand is going to be at top level for this one. He's got the belt in his eyesight, and another thing to be noted, was that his goal was to fight Chuck. He did. He lost a great fight, a war if you will, and he claimed afterwards that he wanted to beat the guys who beat Liddell (i.e.Rampage, Jardine, now Evans) as opposed to fighting just anybody. Jardine took 40 something seconds, but I think Rampage will take more time.
I was hoping to go to this, don't know though. I think I predicted a 3rd round KO/TKO for Silva. I think he, too, is better fighter from the last two times they fought, key when factoring in Jackson's improving training and condition. Wand has been training, I believe better than he ever has, and like I said before, wants that belt. I can see Rampage banging, and hanging with Silva, now, either Wanderlei is going to take him out late in the 2nd, or the 3rd, or it's going to be a close decision. Then again, if someone is going down, I think it could be quick, otherwise noone will be going down.
Another thing, I keep watching the other fights, if the clinch and the knees come into play, which if they do, Jackson is just defenseless against them, or Wandy has one of the best clinch/knee strikes in the game, then Rampage will go down. Also, it was a punch that hurt him in that rematch, and it was late in the second round, so we know that Wanderlei can put this guy away with his knees, and his fists. Can't say the same for good ol' Quinton.
10/12/08 2:08:31PM
im kinda pissed about this fight i want them both to win.
10/12/08 2:14:45PM
Rampage will destroy him. 3x is the charm =)
10/12/08 2:32:21PM
Wandy will destroy Rampage!

I think the part of the fight that I more want to see, is the staredown in the ring!

10/12/08 2:42:15PM
doesn't matter how mature he is. its gonna hurt just as bad to when he gets knocked out again.
10/12/08 5:01:35PM

Posted by aaa9erh8er

im kinda pissed about this fight i want them both to win.

Same here, I'm a big fan of Rampage, but at the same time, how can anyone
not appreciate a gladiator like Wand.

No doubt, its gonna be a explosive fight, with somebody finishing it.
10/13/08 3:18:19PM

Posted by haggiswashere

doesn't matter how mature he is. its gonna hurt just as bad to when he gets knocked out again.

What has rampage shown since there first two fights that would make anyone think wanderlai isnt gonna destroy? the only difference is Wandrlai isnt roided out. I like rampage's personality but i dont see how he can even hang with wanderlai
10/13/08 5:42:44PM
Here is the fight summed up.

Rampage and Wandy Touch gloves, short exhange, Rampage Takes Wandy down, puts him up against the fence, and GnP's him silly.

Rampage Round 1 KO.
10/13/08 5:43:39PM
I cannot see any way Wandy can win unless Rampage goes in the clinch which I know he wont.
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