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POLL: Whose winning
Why man 36% (13)
Frankie 64% (23)
9/26/08 7:34:24PM
This is a tough one for me to pick. I am going Frankie, but Matt is a tough guy for me to guage. I figured him to be someone who is not ready of the quality to be fighting in the ufc, but now in his recent performances, especially against Thiago Tavares who is someone I could see at some time in the top 10 of lightweights in teh worldk he has bolstered himself in my eyes. He's still tough for me to gauge. I think Edgar will get a clear UD.
9/26/08 7:35:55PM
Edgar by being better than him at everything.

I think Edgar would manhandle tavares myself.
9/26/08 7:44:50PM
Give this one to Edgar, easily. His wrestling is just too strong. He outwrestled Griffin and Franca. And completely controlled them on the ground. I don't see Wiman's ground game being being as good as either of these fighters, so I think Edgar will stick to the same gameplan....Take Wiman down, GnP to a UD.
9/26/08 7:51:39PM
Edgar UD
9/26/08 8:14:14PM
frankie will use his wrestling skills ground out a ud
9/26/08 8:16:06PM
edgar is too good of a wrestler, he will have wiman on his back the entire fight.
9/26/08 9:22:45PM
Edgar is better at everything. Wiman's only hope is to slap a triangle on Edgar when he postures up. Other than that Wimans going to get dominated.
9/27/08 1:41:39PM

Posted by Pookie

Edgar by being better than him at everything.

I think Edgar would manhandle tavares myself.

I agree totally but I think Matt's striking is better

but strikings moot if you're on your back with a wrestler like Edgar
9/28/08 12:28:02AM
I would like to see watt Miman (sorry i went Mike goldberg there) pull this off.
10/28/08 9:36:09PM
Edgar is superior everywhere.
10/28/08 10:21:36PM
edgar like clay guida tyson griffen sherk and others are the new breed of (what i like to call)"ground and move around" they throw a lot of little strikes that arnt going to end the fight they move from side control to mount and back and dont really do anything to risk them selfs and win a safe decsion, like clay guida v mac danzic clay took him down and spazed around and as we all predicted won a UD but at least it looks like there not stalling

not saying these guys arnt talented cause i know they are its just i dont like this style of fighting, these guy that just play really safe and win controling decsions

so edgar by UD, but i hope wiman knocks him out at lease his trying to finish

dose anyone agree, do you know what i mean?
10/28/08 10:26:34PM
Frankies boxings really crisp, so i really cant see how wiman takes this, unless like somebody said above he sneaks a triangle in at some point. Cant see anything else but a total domination for frankie.
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