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3/16/08 12:44:39AM
What separates a champion from a contender, a star from an average Joe scraping out a few dollars here and there on the club fight circuit?

In a lot of ways it comes down to what a fighter does when faced with challenges that would make most crumble. And even though a fighter won’t always win in these situations, how he learns from adversity will shape who he eventually becomes.

UFC welterweight champion Matt Serra came up the hard way, and when he got his shot, he made the most of it; what were the seven defining moments of his career?

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3/16/08 2:04:35AM
Man, I have only really seen 1 Matt Serra fight, and that's when he whipped on GSP. Apparantly he's a very talented BJJ fighter, but I wouldn't know it.
Where can I see some tape on the guy? Youtube doesn't have anyhting,
3/16/08 4:04:25AM
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