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6/10/10 7:10:08AM
Anyone hear anything about his next fight or opponent? I like him as a fighter but he only fights like once a year...anyone know when his next fight is?
6/10/10 8:39:11AM
I saw a couple rumors that said he might be on the 118 card, but nothing came of it.

There was also a possible fight with Mike Swick back in April to counter Strikeforce, but Swick couldn't fight due to an arm injury.

6/10/10 10:05:57AM
May still be swick or even kim
6/10/10 3:14:16PM
Kim would be good
6/10/10 5:04:54PM
Yeah thinking maybe DHK but who knows.
6/12/10 5:50:12PM
I heard Swick as well, I think that the fight is still a go.
6/13/10 8:28:30PM
Matt Serra should be fighting some time at the end of this year. I think he wants to see what happens in the Ricardo Almeida vs Matt Hughes fight. I know he wants to fight Hughes again. I know he did try to get a rematch with Hughes but he ended up fighting Renzo.
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