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6/28/08 9:50:55AM
Matt Riddle talked with TAGG Radio yesterday and gave some more insight into the events that led up to Jesse Taylor getting kicked out of the TUF 7 finals. MMA Junkie has the quotes:


Sorry if this has already been posted. I thought it gave a clearer picture of just how out of control this got.
6/28/08 6:00:55PM
I never liked Jesse Taylor. His actions in the house were just retarded. He's the drunk raging idiot from college. We enjoyed having him around during the day but at night he really shows himself and by tomorrow morning he would have lost all respect from everyone. What kind of person pees himself in a house just for fun? (I've peed in the ocean, but not standing in the middle of a room regardless if i'm wearing board shorts or not). That article just confirms how ridiculous he is. btw his poems seriously made my pity him. I hope he didn't mean those to be serious.

Also, all there are a lot of people saying how he can be really good etc etc. I just want to point out pure wrestlers aren't doing too well lately. Fitch/Koshcheck have evolved their game from the very beginning. They were never happy being pure wrestlers, but JT is. In the long run Amir will be better than JT will.
6/28/08 6:26:25PM
Amazing that someone can be THAT out of control, and he never sounded too intelligent on the show either.
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