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8/8/09 1:15:21AM
man, machine, or next candidate for bj penn's steroid flavor of the month?

8/8/09 9:30:04AM
When he came out at the weigh ins, I was like FU@K, He is ripped!

Makes me look like damn Jabba the Hutt
8/8/09 10:58:34AM
He's right up there with Jason MacDonald in the ripped department
8/8/09 12:34:17PM
Shreeddedddd, and he's from my college so go Riddle!
8/8/09 12:40:25PM
I have a feeling he's going to throw Dan Cramer around for 3 rounds. Once he learns how to finish people he's going to be very dangerous.
8/8/09 12:42:11PM
We saw on TUF he has KO power but lately he's been grounding and pounding. I agree, I think with more experience he will be dangerous pretty soon. I'm picking him to win tonight.
8/8/09 1:12:31PM
He's definetally in great shape. But I think Cramer has got a chance to win this fight. We saw how tough Cramer was on TUF. This is going to be a good fight.
8/8/09 1:41:30PM
he's buff, what surprised me was hoe light Amir went in some sources say he was 166
8/8/09 4:55:10PM
Is that the riddler?

I guess cramer will be playing the part of batman.

Only this time batman loses.
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