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5/10/08 10:35:42AM
I talked to Matt last night and did up an interview for my site...but thought I woul dpost it up here to for you guys to check out...he's a funny dude..haha

Matt Riddle Interview

1- can you tell us a little bit about your training background and how you got started in mma?

I wrestled in high school and earned a scholarship to a small D 1 college in Pennsylvania. After college I began doing submission grappling and winning so the natural progression was into MMA. When the TUF Tryouts were back east I went and tried out and the rest is history.

2-I heard you left your gym, what happend?

Nothing "happened", I was working out with Rat Pak back home before TUF. I was one of the best guys at the gym so I was not really excelling. If you saw me on TUF you know I have big balls and need a ton of work. So going into TUF I knew was going to need to change camps and look for a gym where I am far from the best. I want to pay my dues and get beat on by better guys, so that is why I am at Arizona Combat Sports.

3- where are you training now? And how's training going?

I am training at Arizona Combat Sports in Tempe, AZ. The trainers are Todd and Trevor Lally and they have been doing great things for many years and I am honored to be a part of the team. I am now represented by a professional management company and a proud member of the MTX Audio MMA Team.

Training is going great. I realized quickly this was a serious gym and I better bring my A game. I was sparring with Thales Leties, CB Dollaway and Ryan Bader. Rolling with the likes of Jesse Forbes and Jamie Varner. This is what I needed, better people to make me better. I am green and learning something new everyday.

4- what's your best mma memory so far?

The Dam Simler KO, he had referred some of my grapplers quest matches and we were not the best of friends. To earn your way into the house in such an impressive fashion was all I could hope for. I know Dana, Rampage and Forrest will remember my name because of that and that is all I wanted.

5- I know you can't really say much about tuf...but I just wanted to get your take on your fight with tim?

That was a war. Tim used his experience and beat me that day. If I had lost and sucked while loosing I would have been disappointed. I lost to the better fighter that day, I will work on the mistakes I made and come back better.

6- and speaking of tim...did he ever get you that xbox?

YEAH, AWESOME!!! He bought it when he got home and I told him I was moving I just hadn't decided where so he held onto it. Tim is a great guy and it was a pleasure getting my ass kicked by him.

7- last tuf scary was rampage when he flipped out in the lockeroom haha?

He is a pretty calm dude so when he snaps you are like in shock. You can't not watch it but in the back of your head you are thinking I hope he doesn't come over here and rip my head off.

8- now a few questions from more of a fan viewpoint...with 84 right around the corner what's your prediction on the sherk vs penn fight??

Sherk is sponsored by my management company, LG Sports Marketing so I will pick him. BJ is so talented that usually the only person that can beat BJ is BJ. I was at 83 and the crowd was just absolutely amazing and I hope those going to 84 know what a treat this card is. Tito, Lyoto, Wanderlei, Jardine MAN OH MAN Joe Silva is showing everyone how its done.

9- if you could play matchmaker for one night....and there were no exclusive contracts...what would be the first match you would want to see?

I would call on Fedor in a HWT Grand Prix with all the greats Rothwell, Arlovski, Silva, Velasquez, Couture etc. $1,000,000 purse winner takes all.

10- lastly ...who do you have rampage or forrest?

Rampage 100%, Rampage 200% that guy is the real deal and he has only one speed and that is high speed.

11- thanks for your time...anything you'd like to say? (Sponsors etc...)

Thanks to the fans for all your support. Thanks to Arizona Combat Sports and LG Sports Marketing. Thanks to MTX Audio. Thanks to that volleyball CB kicked into Jeremy May's face.

5/10/08 1:20:08PM
Great read thanx. I don't really watch the show, but I look forward to seeing him fight more.
5/10/08 1:40:13PM
5/10/08 2:04:16PM
Great read. Im not a riddle fan cause the whole i dont have a job and live with my parents and am kind of proud of that attitude just strikes a nerve. but i think he is going to be a good fighter and im glad he got his xbox.
5/10/08 5:07:05PM
i wasnt a huge fan of riddle at the start of the show but after seeing his fight with creuder (who i think is the best guy on tuf and was my pick to win before the play in fights) i think this kid has a ton of potential to be a very good fighter, i hope the new camp works out and he becomes a staple in the ufc, a tough kid who likes to bring it.
5/10/08 7:38:26PM
lol that was funny what CB did but i totally despise jeremy may.
5/10/08 8:21:26PM
i've been really impressed with him on the show with both his fighting and personality
i look forward to seeing him fight in the future (i almost hope there's an injury and he gets another shot on the show)
5/11/08 8:56:53PM
I really thinnk with some refineing of his stand up and a bit more jitsu training Mathew Riddle is going to be a well know name in the UFC. This kid has KO power in both hands. He had a BJJ brown belt under Serra in trouble with his wrestleing skills and a minor knowledge of JJ. With time, training and experience he wil be a force to contend with.
5/11/08 9:10:33PM

Posted by Mayhem13

Thanks to that volleyball CB kicked into Jeremy May's face.

Thats the most hilarious thing in the world. I missed seeing CB do that but apparently the editors put that before the fight when it really happened after the fight when May had a broken nose. thats a pretty big burn.
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