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2/17/08 5:05:37PM has the whole story but this is the short version.

Matt Lindland says that he told the UFC to make him an offer and they could start to mesh out a deal from there. Dana didn't respond, he had matchmaker Joe Silva tell him that they would not be making any offer to fight. The UFC claims it has to do with Lindland wearing a sponsors logo to the weigh in of his last fight against Joe Doerksen that he was told not to wear. This lead to his dismissile from the company 2 days later.
Lindland now is dealing with issues with Bodog Fight. They are apparently not holding up to there end of their deal which Matt still has 2 fights left on.
2/17/08 5:19:33PM
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isn't this 2 weeks old.....sorry just read the rest.

more than that... who cares?

not trying to be a dick but i just don't think lindland results in a title shift. this is as weak as kimbo top 10 posts
2/18/08 7:31:27AM
lindland messed up is why he is not in the UFC
2/18/08 7:40:42AM
Matt Lindland has a real chance of beating Anderson Silva. He is a very very good fighter. It is a shame that the UFC won't give him a chance.
2/18/08 2:02:26PM
I doubt he would make it past the 2nd...Anderson would get him in a sub for sure.
2/18/08 4:13:23PM
anyone remember when Lindland knocked himself out?
2/19/08 12:07:35AM
I understand that MMA is a business and some fighters are at business odds with the UFC. The things going on with Fedor, Couture, Arlovski, and the top Japanese fighters is one issue.

However, I wish for the good of the sport that the UFC would get past personal grudges with fighters like Lindland and make the best fights happen if financially possible.
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