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3/22/08 12:31:19PM
Hey guys, I was wondering if any of you have seen this King Of The Cage Bantamweight Title Fight that happened in February. I played baseball with Matt in Elementary and went to High School with him as well. Apparently in this fight Voisin tapped twice in the 3rd Round and Cecil Peoples didn't see it. However, Matt won by Unanimous Decision. Has anyone seen the video for this fight? I'm really wanting to see it. There's a lot of heat between the two now and it's all over the KOTC message boards. Thanks for the help guys!
3/22/08 2:13:40PM
I think I have that one on my laptop...I'll have to check when I get home tonight and get back to ya.
3/22/08 7:18:05PM
The one I have is Damage Inc., which has Jaggers on the card, but he fights Lazar Stojadinovic.
3/24/08 1:20:33PM
Thanks for the help as I've found the entire PPV. It's clear at the End of Round 3 Voisin is tapping out by referee Cecil Peoples doesn't acknowledge it. I will try to upload the video if anyone wants to see this. Also, the announcing sucks. While this happened the announcers constantly kept calling Round 3, Round 4 and such. You would think that EliteXC would have quality announcing for their products.
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