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4/25/08 2:47:57PM
UFC 85 has a surprise main event!

Former welterweight champion Matt Hughes and Thiago Alves will step up to the plate, inking a fight contract to go toe-to-toe at UFC 85 at the O2 Arena in London, England, on June 7, according to

The exciting showdown between two of the top performers in the 170-pound division was apparently booked to help fill the void of the injured Chuck Liddell.

Here’s a snip:

“June 7th, in England, I fight Thiago Alves. The fight is confirmed, it will be the main event for the card. Dana just called me with the news. Chuck got hurt and couldn’t fight, so he needed a replacement and called me and I said yes. More news as I get it. No matter what happens in this fight, I’ve got Serra next.”

More on this in a bit, including whether or not the 185-pound fight between Michael Bisping and Chris Leben is still in the works.

4/25/08 2:50:17PM
this event really bailed itself out, this is a phenomenal matchup. and props to alves for taking it and putting his title shot on the line.

i still gotta say hughes, alves could very well get him standing but hughes is a very smart fighter and can control alves from the top, he subs alves in the third, rear naked choke after some ground and pound.
4/25/08 2:50:53PM
Its a great fight an i can seriously see Hughes winning both of them! This could turn out to be a pretty good card if all the fights plan out!
4/25/08 2:53:35PM
I think this is a decent upgrade form the Rashad snooze fest that was slated.

War HUGHES!!!!
4/25/08 2:58:07PM
This is utterly amazing. great job done by Dana White and Joe Silva to make sure this card had a good main event. this match up is extremely intriguing. is Matt Hughes still as dominant as he once was, even after that beating from GSP? can Hughes use his wrestling to pound Alves out? can Alves keep this on the feet and pick Hughes apart? will Alves score the KO? this is amazing and i can't wait for this to happen. it will straighten out the WW rankings as well and if Thiago wins then he definitely should get a title shot imo after Fitch...or even before tbh because wins over Hughes and Karo are more impressive imho then anything Fitch has done.
4/25/08 3:09:40PM
what a great job by the UFC to save this card. Props to Alves for taking this fight because from the sounds of it he was in line after Fitch for a title shot and a loss would probably hand that over to Marcus Davis.
4/25/08 3:09:52PM
Wow. Of course at first I wanna call Hughes the winner but Alves is part of this new age of fighter where he's a monster in every aspect. Anyone who finishes Karo is the man in my book. I thought it was a great fight card before but its amazing now.
4/25/08 3:09:57PM
Poor Thiago Alves. There goes his awesome record
4/25/08 3:11:05PM

Posted by Jackelope

Poor Thiago Alves. There goes his awesome record

Haha i thought the exact same thing!
4/25/08 3:12:12PM

Posted by jiujitsufreak74
...or even before tbh because wins over Hughes and Karo are more impressive imho then anything Fitch has done.

Except for the fact that Fitch beat Alves...and I would consider Diego a better victory than Karo. With that said, Hughes would be a huge accomplishment.
4/25/08 3:25:33PM
Am I the only one that think Thiago is going to win this fight. Thiago is talked about as the best striker at 170, and he's fighting hughes who doesnt have the striking to match thiago.

Sure hughes is a better wrestler, but if thiago can sprawl and keep the distance and work the dirty boxing drop knees and uppercuts. I think thiago sooner or later rocks hughes and finishes hughes via tko.

It's another striker vs grappler match up, and im favoring this one towards the striker. I think this is a bad match up for hughes, you know another loss wouldnt look good if he is going down as the greatest WW of all time, but atleast he is still going to fight Serra. He said he had 3 fights left, if he beats thiago and serra then what. Dont see him getting back into a title shot.
4/25/08 3:31:36PM

This is an great move, the fact they're matching Thiago and not Fitch means the next WW shot would be Fitch. This is perfect for Thiago so he doesn't have to wait until later this year or maybe next, if he can pull this one, it is a no-brainer, he vs. GSP/Fitch winner.

Great fight BTW, can go either way...
Matt Hughes goes for the TD and Thiago land that knee!
Matt uses his wrestling for a UD or late sub.

I like it!
4/25/08 3:37:42PM
alves is one of my favourite fighters but this is a difficult one for him with hughes' wrestling ability, alves has gotta keep improving his takedown defence and if he can keep it on the feet then i see him ko'ing hughes, and if hughes does take him down to the ground then i hope alves can use his BJJ and submit him, also i hope hughes still think's he can ko people because alves will school him on his feet

WAR written all over this one

85 is looking a great card now, cant wait for it

4/25/08 3:42:51PM
I kinda feel sorry for Matt if he wins this one. Because then he will beat Serra and then what does he do. Retire? As the second best WW. Kinda reminds me of Franklin.
4/25/08 3:43:57PM
i think it'll go something liek Fitch Vs alves, not a good match for alves IMO. although i hope he proves me wrong, i really want to see him at the top.
4/25/08 3:51:14PM

Posted by Darnok

I kinda feel sorry for Matt if he wins this one. Because then he will beat Serra and then what does he do. Retire? As the second best WW. Kinda reminds me of Franklin.

If he does retire after he beats them both, then he'll still be be considered one of if not "the" most dominant WW of all time. Remember that when Hughes was in his prime he beat GSP. Now he's not and GSP is. He knows he can't beat GSP now, so if not why not go out with two impressive victories?

Franklin and Silva are the same age, so there is no doubt that Silva is just all around better.
4/25/08 3:53:42PM

Wow! This is awesome. Alves has to set the pace(standing) in the 1st or it will be a repeat of Fitch Alves. I think he can TKO Hughes but will he? This is great!
4/25/08 3:56:19PM
Sweet. I hope Hughes wins, but Alves is a tough dude. Should be a measuring stick for Alves to see how close he is to being a contender.
4/25/08 3:57:13PM

Posted by Darnok

I kinda feel sorry for Matt if he wins this one. Because then he will beat Serra and then what does he do. Retire? As the second best WW. Kinda reminds me of Franklin.

If he wins the last two matches of his career, I will not feel sorry for him at all...could've been worse, as people like Fitch and Koscheck would of been much worse matchups stylistically.
4/25/08 4:00:27PM
Alves wins this by KO
4/25/08 4:08:04PM
Thiago really kept his composure when Karo took him down and was able to get right back up. I see the same thing happening when he faces Hughes. Of course Hughes much stronger and tougher then Karo, but I see Thiago knocking Hughes out in the 2nd or taking it to a decision for a win.
4/25/08 4:14:43PM
Props to Hughes and Alves for doing this for the FANS!
4/25/08 4:52:48PM
good main event
i am glad hughes and alves stepped up i wish it were hughes vs karo though he will fight alves but not kos??
4/25/08 5:03:12PM
Hughes doesn't strike me as the type of guy that would normally take a call, find out his opponent was Thiago Alves in a few weeks and be like sweet, I'm in.

So for him to do that makes me think he is totally jacked and refocused to make his final run in the UFC, which is exciting.

P.S.: I went to the H.I.T. Squad training facility last week to interview Kyle Watson for my college newspaper since he is headlining an MMA event here in Carbondale this weekend.

Anyways, Hughes wasn't there when I went, but Robbie Lawler was and I got a chance to talk to him and watch him train a little. He is in fantastic shape and expect a really great showing when he fights in May.
4/25/08 5:04:06PM
Wow, this is awesome news!!

Great matchup as well. Hughes can't keep this one on the feet. That's a given. But, we'll see what Alves is made of on the ground if Hughes gets it there.

My advice to Hughes, watch out for those knees, get him to the mat, and do what you do.

My prediction, Hughes 2nd round submission.....kimura
4/25/08 5:08:21PM
Kick Ass News!!!! Props are due!!! About the fight now does anyone think that Hughes will finally go back to his roots, or will he still be trying to get his highlight KO?? If so he is done...KOed in the first/early 2nd, if he goes to the ground he could definately GNP that ass in the 2nd....Hughes still gets Serra too!!!! NICE!! I would love for Alves to win this but if he does, and if Fitch beats GSP (not likely) then what....Alves v Fitch....hasn't that happened with Alves getting OWNED. Last year!!!
4/25/08 5:36:25PM
WOW!!! Way to step it up!

Props to Hughes and Alves for taking this fight!

4/25/08 6:42:14PM
i know that i as a fan appreciate this one.. i just said this the other day that it would be a great replacement.. honestly .. i like it better than the chuck fight...

hmm.. i'm unsure about this one though..
for now.. hughes in the second.. sub
4/25/08 7:49:10PM
Dana White.....genius!
4/25/08 8:17:29PM
i commend both of these fighter for taking the fight on short notice. That said........WAR THIAGO. I hope he breaks hughes jaw .
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