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1/24/13 2:57:24PM
Matt Hughes will try to become the most dominant Vice President of Athlete Development and Government Relations of our time. Why? Because he's retired from MMA!

1/24/13 3:00:32PM
Much respect to Hughes. He was a dominate champ that had his reign from the dark days all the way through to the big time. I wish him well
1/24/13 3:21:44PM
surprised he didn't become UFC Chaplin.
1/24/13 3:39:57PM
Good to see the guys that paved the way getting jobs within the company.
1/24/13 3:49:04PM
Tip my hat to him. Matt Hughes is a great competitor. Smart choice by him to hang um up. Glad to see they rewarded him with a good job. Its good to see them give back to someone who gave everything for the company.
1/24/13 4:18:19PM
Great news. Hughes' 2nd fight with Trigg was what got me to finally start watching MMA. The sport's moved on, as it should, but he's a big part of the history. I'm very glad to see he's bowing out with his health intact, and that he'll still be involved with the organization afterwards.

Tonight, in tribute, I'll have myself a big country breakfast to a little Bocephus.
1/24/13 4:51:14PM
Deffs the right time to, happy he made the decision.

One of the most accomplished Wrestlers and Mixed Martial Artists ever! Have a good retirement!
1/24/13 5:01:32PM
I was really hoping to see Hughes vs Hardy before he called it quits. Guess in another lifetime
1/24/13 5:20:55PM
i gotta give the ufc a ton of props here. hughes and liddell made the ufc a shit load of money as fighters, and i think it's awesome that they are using these guys at the corporate level. good way to take care of their HOF'ers. the next step is to start using more fighters as guest commentators during the fights. they used to use couture and a few others during fights but other than florian they dont seem to do that anymore.
1/24/13 5:21:07PM
Matt Hughes was the man for so long he has deserved everything in his career and it's nice to see when the UFC appreciates these fighters as well by giving them a job behind the scenes of the company.
1/24/13 5:55:33PM
Glad I saw his last fight in denver against koscheck
And saw his fight in Vegas vs gsp.
A true champion who helped the sport grow
1/24/13 6:07:06PM
Hughes was the 1st fighter I became a fan of when I first started watching mma. I respect the hell out of what he did for the sport. Very well deserved job within the company
1/24/13 6:25:00PM
Thought he retired awhile ago. It was definitely time to hang up the gloves. I was never a big fan of his, but I can respect his legacy, and what he did for the sport of mma.
1/24/13 6:30:12PM
I'm glad he decided to hang em up, it was time. I'm not so sure he keeps a white collar job with the UFC for long unless it allows him plenty of time to be at home on the farm. I think at this point GSP has surpassed him, but until recently he was the most dominant WW champ they ever had, and before Andy he was the most dominant champ in any weight class. I'll always be a fan of the fighter, the man himself has made me SMH more than a few times in recent years though.
1/25/13 9:04:19AM
I would have liked to see him beaten down one more time. Oh well.
1/25/13 10:07:24AM
cant say i was ever a big fan but another tough dude hangs em up and he will be missed