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POLL: Should Hughes retire and when ?
He should just retire right now 18% (10)
He should fight Hallman then retire. 27% (15)
See how he does in his next fight then decide 36% (20)
Fight as long as he can , screw possible legacy damage 18% (10)
He's just in it for the money now 0% (0)
Hughes can win the belt back from GSP 2% (1)
8/19/09 5:37:11AM
I would just like to see Hughes fight the soon to be returning Denis Hallman ( subbed Hughes twice early in his career), get that monkey off his back, then retire personally. I am not sure if fighting is as important to him as it once was, and think that his skill set has stalled, while younger guys keep progressing. I don't like seeing legends go out badly, and I fear that might happen to him. He has provided some great fights for us. 3 of the greatest legendary comebacks in MMA history( Hughes/trigg 2-Bj/Highes 2, and Hughes/Newton 1) have all come from him. Now I am worried he will get beat by a bunch of up and comers and fade away on a sad note. I still think Hughes is currently a top 10 at WWT, but I am not sure if he's top 5 ,and think he has almost no chance of regaining the belt while GSP is at 170. I have to figure a guy with his pedigree wouldn't want to see it marred. I have heard rumblings about him fighting Koscheck recently. Other than big fight experience ,and possibly being physically stronger, I don't see him having any advantages there . I also don't like Kos personally ,and wouldn't want to see him be put over in any way. Even if guys that I am pretty sure would beat him (and do tend to root for) like Fitch/Hazelett/Alves again/ A. Jonson/ beat him It would bum me out.I also am a fan of Kampmann /Swick/Davis/ and Hardy. However I think all the latter would lose to him, but I am not quite as sure anymore. Love or hate him( and I know their are plenty of folks who do each in regards to Hughes) the fear that another combat sport legend will hang on past his prime and tarnish legacy just makes me sad. With all the talk about Chuck's possible retirement lately, and I still think Chuck is top 8-15 at LHVY, I thought it odd that Hughes hasn't been mentioned in awhile. Sure Hughes could probably hang on and beat some of the top 10 guys, but for a legendary past champ like him, I just don't see that being enough. I now think if he stays around the same thing will happen to him that happened to Chuck . I believe he could be beat by any top 10 guy on a given day, and will be beat by any top 5 guy . It was just 2 years ago that Hughes retirement talk was rampant, and he seemed to give contradicting answers at different times. Now he is supposedly negotiating a new deal with the UFC. Is it just about money now? Is his heart still in the way it once was? Does he really think deep down he can win the strap back from GSP after being demolished by him twice in a row? I guess I just don't know what's going on in his head. What do you think?
8/19/09 6:49:10AM
Serra keeps saying he wants a rematch as well, so let's say that's 2 more fights. I wouldn't mind seeing a Hallman fight, but can he beat GSP again? Probably not. At this point I'd say Hughes is much like Franklin was before moving to 205, in a gatekeeper-type position. He can still be competitive in the octagon but the younger and faster guys of the last couple years have now surpassed him.
8/19/09 6:55:23AM
Interesting. I stil see Franklin as top 2 or 3 at MWT, and top 10 at LHVY. However I don't see him slowing training or question his desire. I guess Hughes is just different for me.The only thing iI find similar is the ACE/Anderson -GSP/Hughes similarity.Each guy just can't beat the current champ IMO.
8/19/09 7:06:49AM
I would really like to see him fight Hallman again before retiring.

I pretty much agree with everything you had to say. I think it's in his best interest to retire, and focus on his gym--and of course just live the good life, but I'll admit that in a selfish sort of way I'd like to see him in a few more matchups like Kos, Swic, Fitch--just about any powerhouse wrestler I guess.

I'm going to assume by gatekeeper you mean unlikely to win a belt, because Rich was pretty much ranked across the board as the #2 MW, and he's certainly a top ten LHW. I don't really see any similarity at all, in terms of where they're at at this stage of their career.
8/19/09 7:53:14AM
Hughes and Hallman fought at close to both of their peaks, Hughes was probably not as good after the 2nd defeat to Hallman as he was when he was UFC champion but Hallman is still 2-0 having them fight now is pointless since its clear Hallman's skills have depleted more than Hughes has gained over the decade since they've fought. I see the UFC's reasoning for this though. For all Matt's done in his career I dont see any reason why it should be this other than personal reasons.

He refused to evolve as a fighter, hes still the same tough wrestler with cardio who gets demolished if he cant get you down and get on top which he was supurb at. I sometimes think about how good fighters and legends back in the day couldve actually been had he gone to a camp like ATT, BTT or even Chute Boxe just and big camp and possessed world class striking and jiu jitsu along with the wrestling base most of the dominate fighters back then had, generally just more training in the areas they were weakest, like if Hughes had worked primarily on his striking and jiu jitsu for 5 years straight.
8/19/09 8:29:09AM
i am rubbing my crystal ball, i see a hughes vs hallman at ufc 106 in vegas!!!!!!!!

i like matt even though alot of people don't a matt hughes fight is never boring, i still root for him as well as lidell, i do see 2010 as his last year
have him fight hallman, karo and maybe another guy like a fitch or baroni and have him shrined in the hall of fame next year maybe??
8/19/09 8:49:49AM
I'd like to see Hughes fight Hallman one more time, exact his revenge and go out with a little dignity. He is arguably the best or one of the best WW's of all time and I wouldn't like to see him slowly slipping down the ladder until he's basically a stepping stone for new talent.
Hughes is still top 10 in my opinion but I think he should maybe see the year out and possibly one more fight in the new year then retire.
8/19/09 11:57:18AM
I don't see any "shoulds" for Hughes, at this point. At least, not inside the Octagon. I think the direction of his career probably needs to be determined by other factors.

I agree that his championship days are likely behind him, but that's true for most fighters, regardless of their age or past accomplishments. His chances of competing for a belt aren't really any worse than most of the fighters in the UFC. The only difference is that he's a former champion, for whom being a solid, second-tier competitor may feel like a demotion. If training for competitive matches isn't rewarding anymore, I would say it wouldn't be a bad decision to move on. But if he still enjoys the challenge, I think he's still a Top-10 Welterweight, and there's nothing innately bad about being a "gate keeper."

A win over Hallman (or Jose Landi-Jons) would be a nice flourish, I suppose, but nothing more. If he's going to stick around and be serious about it, I'd rather see him test guys like Carlos Condit, Dan Hardy, Dustin Hazelett, Brad Blackburn, Dong Hyun Kim, Marcus Davis, John Howard, or Anthony Johnson (and I think Hughes would prove too steep a challenge for some of those guys right now - but that's the whole point to the "gate keeper", after all).

I also don't believe any athlete's legacy is "tarnished" by subsequent losses. Any athlete who wins a championship or an MVP award is regarded in hindsight as a champion forever. Hughes' accomplishments are a matter of record*, and nothing he can do in the Octagon could compromise that.

Any fighter's health should be a factor in any decision regarding his career. I have no reason to think Hughes is particularly prone to concussions, but anyone who suffers a few of them needs to change his or her lifestyle to prevent any more. Brain damage is cumulative and essentially permanent. If that means retirement for a fighter who's only in his 30s, so be it. I don't think this is a particular concern for Hughes, but he is a professional fighter in his mid-30s, with 50 notches in his gun-belt.

My guess would be that Hughes is doing okay financially, assuming he hasn't blown his fortune frivolously. I don't know his family situation, but if he still operates a farm or has children who will be going to college in 10 or 15 years, a couple hundred thousand dollars could mean a lot. And if he wants to think ahead to life in another 35 years - retirement, medical expenses, grandchildren - I don't think any of us can blame him.

So without knowing the details of his personal life, I don't think I would question any reasonable decision he makes. If he takes any more pro fights, I'll be on the edge of my couch. If he hangs 'em up, I'll give him a virtual fist-bump and look for his replays on "UFC Unleashed."

p.s. From the poll options, I chose "See how he does in his next fight then decide."

* 9 wins in UFC title fights, tied for most all-time with Randy Couture; 5 consecutive title defenses, tied for most, all-time, with Tito Ortiz and Anderson Silva; 12 title fights overall, 2nd behind Couture. Also 21 career UFC fights, two different 6-fight winning streaks in the UFC, and 8 UFC Main Events, 2 of which put his name in the title.
8/19/09 1:28:42PM

Posted by DCRage

Serra keeps saying he wants a rematch as well, so let's say that's 2 more fights. I wouldn't mind seeing a Hallman fight, but can he beat GSP again? Probably not. At this point I'd say Hughes is much like Franklin was before moving to 205, in a gatekeeper-type position. He can still be competitive in the octagon but the younger and faster guys of the last couple years have now surpassed him.

8/19/09 3:28:39PM
I would like to see him fight Hallman and see how he does it that fight. Even if he losses no biggy he has lost to Hallman twice already. But if he wins it gets that monkey off his back. I think Matt's will to fight isn't what it was a few years ago but I think he still has the desire to fight. I think the main problem is Hughes has his own camp now and doesn't have anyone to really push him to grow anymore. I can honestly say I don't think Hughes is as good as he was 2 years ago. Now maybe if he joined a top camp we could see a better Matt but that is unlikely and I think the best of Matt is behind us. Now should he retire, I think if he isn't going to keep learning or training with the best then yes. Now as far as money goes Matt is fine and has said in many interviews after the Gracie fight he was set for life because of investments him and his wife had made that payed off huge. Matt doesn't seam like a big spender and is happy just being a farmer.
8/19/09 5:31:03PM
he won't ruin his legacy no matter what he does, he should fight as long as he wants to, he's earned it.
8/19/09 6:03:37PM
Hallman would be a good way to go out for Hughes. You dont want to retire hearing about that your whole life.
8/19/09 6:13:57PM

Posted by Sinister

Hallman would be a good way to go out for Hughes. You dont want to retire hearing about that your whole life.

unless he loses again , that would be a disaster.
8/19/09 10:44:52PM
Based on his last 5 fights, I think it is safe to say that Hughes has been exploited in terms of his strengths and weaknesses to the point where a mid-tier UFC fighter with decent stand-up will pose a big challenge for him. I just don't think Hughes has (or is capable) of further developing his game at this point in his career (much like Liddell). Because of that, he will struggle and will not be exciting to watch as he once was. I gave him the benefit of the doubt in the Lytle fight, but his fight with Serra sealed it for me. I think he should retire from the UFC.
8/19/09 11:29:52PM

Posted by nickcuc547

Posted by Sinister

Hallman would be a good way to go out for Hughes. You dont want to retire hearing about that your whole life.

unless he loses again , that would be a disaster.

Ha yea, people would forever refer to a fighter that has the best style to beat a legend fighter as a Dennis Hallman
8/19/09 11:35:12PM
i think he should get one more shot at Hallman matt is a way better fighter now then he was back in the day the i think he should retire win or lose
8/20/09 11:45:07PM
I think your abosutely right, he should fight Hallman and retire. I think Hallman would be a great last fight because Hallman beat him twice, and beating him would be the best way to go out because I'm pretty sure that'd feel not as much but close enough to feeling as good as winning the title avenging those defeats. I'd only want to see him rematch Serra if Serra could beat another top 10 guy which I dont think can be done with the great fighters in the top 10 today. But I think one more fight to go out on top and avenge that defeat. Any other fight and your right, he'll look like Chuck getting beat down by guys on their way up. Younger, faster, even stronger guys. All Hughes has really now on anybody is big fight experience, I think everybodies wrestling has caught up to him except unless he fought somebody like Hardy, Lytle or Davis. Kos and Fitch I think would beat him down just as bad as GSP because I think they would out wrestle him and then what will he do? I agree he can still be a top 10 but top 5 I took him out a long time ago with the losses and lack of fighting. and hes only getting older. But I dont think its just for the money though. I can see if he got a huge confidence boost after the Serra fights and thinks he could have a few more good fights left him but the most probable brutal truth is that that was probably the best he'll ever look again except maybe against Hallman which Im sure he can beat him though. Love watching Hughes old fights, those sick amazing slams. And would hate too see him look like Chuck even though I'd love to see the Fitch/Kos fights if it wouldnt damage his legacy or if they werent one after the other like Chuck getting beat badly one after the other. Would hate to see him go down like that, rather would see him take the high road out against hallman.
8/26/09 12:35:13AM

I wanna see him fight Koscheck, Fitch, Karo and Johnson first. The only one of those fights I think he'd win is against Karo, but the others would be good fights if you ask me.

And on a side note, did anyone else find they liked Hughes a lot less after they read his book? He came across as the same arrogant dick he's always kind of been.
8/26/09 1:18:19AM
I don't know, sometimes as a fan you feel like you want a fighter to retire because you like them and you feel like seeing them fight too long sullies their legacy. My view on this issue though has always been that the fighter is a grown man and it's up to him to make his own decisions. If Shamrock wants to fight 500 pound obese men in small organizations, well, good for him if that's what he wants to do.

It's understandable that seeing fighters get old leaves a bad taste in our mouths as fans, but ultimately I don't think it's anyone's place to tell someone else when they should retire unless that person is a medical doctor.
8/26/09 2:25:32AM
i dont think he should retire.

if he can focus and get in superb shape.i can still see him as a top WW.

but on the same note.i really cant see him winning the title again.
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