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10/15/12 10:51:26PM
Former UFC welterweight champion Matt Hughes hasn’t competed for more than a year, and it appears that will be the last time he steps foot in the Octagon.

Already a UFC Hall of Fame inductee, Hughes has been out of action since dropping back-to-back bouts to B.J. Penn and Josh Koscheck between 2010 and 2011, but now he seems ready to move on with life after fighting.

In a recent interview with the Iowa Daily Gate, Hughes said that while he’s never officially announced his retirement from MMA, for all intents and purposes he’s already hung up the gloves.

10/15/12 11:00:37PM
It's still hard for me to imagine Penn and Hughes training together.

Hughes really doesn't need to fight anymore, he's done just about all there is to so in the sport. He was the most dominate welterweight during his prime. He pushed GSP to be the best he could be. He had some of the best rivalries the sport had to offer. All the respect in the world if he is finished for realizing he's dome and being ok with it
10/15/12 11:05:09PM
He went the sherk/serra way out.
Not officially retired but retired
10/15/12 11:27:08PM
10/15/12 11:54:34PM

Posted by frizzzlecake

Hardy would end up on Matt's mantle - - - next to the other stuffed animals
10/15/12 11:56:05PM
Does this count as a win for Hardy? God knows he needs it
10/15/12 11:57:15PM
No surprise, and no shame. Hughes made bank and spends it wisely, and while he definitely had a disproportionate number of KOs in his last ~10 fights, he went out relatively healthy.

There's no doubt his time was limited after the 2nd GSP fight - he was behind the skill curve of the new generation and didn't have the time to diversify his game - but he was on top for a long while and, speaking personally, factored into my introduction to MMA.

I was at some pizza joint, finishing up my meal while catching up with a former co-worker, when a best UFC fights of the year special caught my eye. It was that crazy Hughes/Trigg fight in which Trigg caught Hughes, took his back, nearly choked him out, then got reversed, slammed, and RNCed instead. I thought then that there might be something to this sport, and I didn't know how right I was.

The most memorable recent fight of his, to me, was when he clipped another old school standout in Ricardo Almeida with a nice punch, then snuck in a deep front choke. Even though he was in his final stretch, he showed us something new from him while capping it off with classic Hughes grappling.

Here's to one of the greats.
10/16/12 12:10:23AM
I would like to have seen him in 1 last outing...
10/16/12 2:59:49AM
I thought the only reason Hallman was brought back was so that matt could have a retirement match...but then Hallman started beasting people and uh, it looks as if Hallman would ahve beaten Matt, so that match was never made.

However, with Hallman's recent troubles a match at 170 with Hughes is the only thing that makes any sense. It redeems Hallman and gives Matt motivation.
10/16/12 6:56:26AM
4 fights interest me for a Hughes exit


2 of those could be possible, the other 2 unlikely given the weight classes and there UFC/MMA situations,
10/16/12 9:42:03AM

Posted by Chael_Sonnen

Posted by frizzzlecake

Hardy would end up on Matt's mantle - - - next to the other stuffed animals


Even at this stage in his career Matt Hughes would take down Hardy at will.
10/16/12 9:42:44AM
I'd like to see Hughes end his career with a win.

Tito, Chuck, Cro Cop, and now Hughes all end great careers with a loss. Throw Serra and Florini in there too if he doesn't come back. I'm probably missing a few off the top of my head too but I'd like to see kind of fighters go out on a win
10/16/12 10:35:00AM
I don't think Hughes has anything left to prove. Stay healthy and enjoy life after the his amazing MMA career.

If he does get one more fight, I'd love to see Hardy fight him. I think Hardy is improved and would make a great fight out of it.
10/16/12 10:48:04AM

Wait, oh.... fully retired..
10/16/12 11:16:12AM

Posted by Kpro

Wait, oh.... fully retired..

I actually read the thread title as "retarded" instead of retired the first time I looked at it.
10/16/12 12:59:15PM
Hughes will never avenge HALLMAN!!!!!!

I would be very interested to see if Hallman could do it again in a 5 rounder on a small card.
10/16/12 6:50:48PM

I actually read the thread title as "retarded" instead of retired the first time I looked at it.

hahaha glad I wasn't the only one. I was like... Say WHA?!??!
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