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4/20/12 6:16:17PM
I was at the National Rifle Association show in St. Louis this past weekend, and was surprised to see Matt Hughes hanging out at one of the booths...

I've heard folks say that Hughes can be arrogant and isn't the friendliest guy, but he hung out through the entire show signing autographs and talking guns & MMA with fans.

Maybe we caught him a good day lol, but he seemed pretty cool despite the rep.

4/20/12 8:08:38PM
Thats cool you got to meet him, like him or not you can't deny that he is a legend of the sport. I just assume that most people are not as bad as they either portray themselves in the media or are portrayed by the media.

And here is the pic you posted, if others are copy and paste impaired.

4/21/12 8:18:24AM
maybe it was mark hughes
4/21/12 5:59:15PM
From what I've seen through the years Hughes was a reserved, hard working guy that was more focused on being a professional fighter than a celebrity or entertainer. A great champion, and a pretty cool person based on my interaction with him at the NRA show.

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