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9/7/10 2:45:27PM
Kyle Watson head Brazilian jiu-jitsu coach and H.I.T. Squad fighter will be on the next season of the Ultimate Fighter. Kyle will be appearing on the hit reality show The Ultimate Fighter starting September 15th where 28 fighter compete for a spot in the house to fight for a six figure contract with the UFC.
September 15th will be a big day for Matt Hughes' H.I.T. Squad as not only will Kyle be on the reality show, but Brian Foster will be back in the cage against Forest Petz on the UFC Fight Night live on Spike TV.
9/8/10 1:33:22AM
Big Brian Foster fan...hope he rebounds from his injury to take out Petz.
9/8/10 11:48:42PM
i got foster as well just wish he pulled through for me last year against rick story
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