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POLL: Will we see one last run in 2 weeks?
Yes 33% (6)
No 22% (4)
Its already over 0% (0)
Serra is his last stop 44% (8)
5/25/08 11:33:59PM
So are we gonna see the old Hughes I sure hope so if not he is gonna get KOed will he learn from Karos mistake by taking Alves lightly. Lets remember he only has a few fights left. and IMO didnt get enough time to train properly to fight GSP in the last fight he had time but was getting ready to murder Serra . and if he wins and beats Serra will he ever get a title shot again. who want to see him one more time vs GSP what about a rubber match vs BJ Penn with Penn coming into what I beleive to be his prime. Maybe if BJ vs GSP happens and BJ wins Hughes last fight will be vs BJ this is all hypothedical and all this is gonna be the begaining of the end for a great legend of MMA(UFC) we are watching UFC old timers leaving the octagon. Im not a big Hughes fan but when he leave he will be missed by ever the biggest Hughes haters
5/25/08 11:43:54PM
I definately dont think he should get another shot at GSP. Gsp took the last fight on short notice and just manhandled him. It almost seems like Hughes is another case of a great fighter who didnt want to evolve with the sport. He just isnt ready for the well roundedness of some of these newer guys. I would want to see him fight Serra but i think that if he wins that he should just retire on a high note and don't make the mistake that so many have made before him. Keeping going when its your time to quit
5/25/08 11:44:18PM
Begaining, Is that a word??

5/25/08 11:51:27PM
dont hate
5/26/08 12:03:16AM
Alves is too much for Hughes (i would not hesitate to pick Karo over Hughes if they fought) the Karo fight showed exactly where Thiago is at in terms of his overall abilities, not only did Karo have a fit trying to take him down he couldnt hold him there longer than 10 or 20 seconds, Thiago's takedown defense was among some of the best ive seen, not only did Karo lose, he got knocked out and sent to the back of the line, Hughes isnt that good at striking as Karo is, Matts best hope is to try for a takedown but i dont think he can get the takedown (let alone keep him there) on someone as explosive, good at takedown defense and is so dangerous on the feet as Thiago, unfortunatly for Hughes this is probably his going away fight from unless he wants a shot at Serra (he should take that fight) he is no match for GSP we've all seen how fortunate he was to win the 1st fight with him with 1 second left, your really kidding yourself if you think Hughes can win that, not to say Hughes cant beat Thiago but Im surprised Thiago isnt the overdog or at least 50/50
5/26/08 12:06:08AM
I think Hughes will be Alves. His wrestling and strength are better than Alves, and I don't think Alves will knock him out. After this I see a match with Serra, then a Hughes retirement. A fight with GSP is out of the question in my opinion. Hughes obviously is not as good as GSP, and will not beat him again.
5/26/08 7:26:49AM
Alves by KO (Knee).... write that down
5/26/08 9:29:40AM
I find it funny how Hughes loses to GSP twice and has a so so performance against Lytle (actually I thought Lytle had a great performance rather than Hughes having a so so performance) and so many people are counting him out. Right before he fought GSP the second time everyone was talking how he was the most dominant WW (and possibly fighter) in UFC history.

It's kind of like Randy. He loses to Chuck twice and all of a sudden he's washed up. He beats up Sylvia and Gonzaga and all of a sudden he can beat Fedor.

Hughes is not over the hill. I think he still has some fight left in him.
5/26/08 2:39:10PM
he is not finished,he beat bj last year i think.

he is not finished because he have two lost to gsp,gsp is the best pound for pound fighter in the world(IMO).He is gone a comeback with a dominating performance with a UD over Alves
5/26/08 2:47:19PM
Thats what I was thinking too.
5/26/08 3:08:13PM
Matt takes this only if he stops trying to be a striker and goes back to the basics, and what it was that got him the title in the first place...if he bangs with Thiago count on him getting layed out.
5/26/08 3:14:47PM

Posted by jae_1833

Matt takes this only if he stops trying to be a striker and goes back to the basics, and what it was that got him the title in the first place...if he bangs with Thiago count on him getting layed out.

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