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4/1/08 7:52:51PM
I'm not sure if this is true or if it is an april fools joke but Matt Hughes says on his website that he is moving up to 205 to fight shogun.
4/1/08 8:12:04PM
I think 185 is as far up as he will go.
4/1/08 8:18:09PM
Another April fools.
4/1/08 8:20:19PM
Common sense says "no f*ckin way" but he's not getting his title back at welterweight unless he waits out the serra fight. He said he believes the first gsp serra fight was a fluke so maybe jumping to 205 to fight an undersized 205 pounder with a huge name is his retirement performance.

If he wins then huge upset Hughes is legend, he loses, he should never have fought that heavy.

Besides, another GSP fight would make more sense then fighting the spider, so 85's out of the question.

And no I don't believe it.
4/1/08 8:30:27PM
Strange that he said if he wins against Shogun, he would then want a title shot!!!

Surely there are other fighters that would be next in line for a title shot before Matt Hughes, and could you imagine him against Rampage!!!

It is off Matt hughes offical site, could this be real!!! The source seemed good, but I guess it is a funny trick Matt could be playing on us all!!! Considering April Fools Day!!!
4/1/08 8:54:53PM
IMO i dont get how you could even think thats real
4/1/08 9:02:17PM
April fools. That Matt is too funny.
4/2/08 3:03:15AM
i thought hughes didnt like to lose
4/2/08 3:12:41AM
I dont think Hughes would do that. He already said he only had 3-4 fights left before he retired. One of those fights he lost to GSP, I amagine he will fight Serra soon, then retire. This would leave him with 1-2 fights left. I doubt he wants to end his career at that weight class.
4/2/08 3:43:17PM
Aprils fools! Then Bob Sapp is going to move down to 185 and fight Anderson Silva!!!
4/2/08 3:48:00PM
By the way...

I guess I can officially say, “April Fools!” The part of yesterday’s blog about me moving up to 205 to fight Shogun Rua was just an April Fool’s joke. Sorry to disappoint those of you who might have been looking forward to that.

I also wanted to show you all this. Robbie and I will be in Effingham, IL on May 3rd. There will be a couple of the HIT Squad guys fighting in this event, so I hope to see some of you there.

4/2/08 10:34:05PM
That was another april's fools joke. Man Im tierd of htese ones.
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