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POLL: Who wins and how?
Hammil - (t)KO 24% (9)
Hammil - sub 3% (1)
Hammil - Decision 58% (22)
Evans - (t)KO 3% (1)
Evans - sub 0% (0)
Evans - Decision 13% (5)
5/30/08 10:44:30PM
Word is that this could be a possible co-main event for UFC 86, if so who do you think takes it and why?

I think Hammil by split decision
5/30/08 10:49:36PM
hamill by decision, dont think it would be split, but could be.

Hamill could be the next big thing IMO, he's got some serious skills, and is getting better everything he shows.
5/30/08 10:57:09PM
Hamill by TKO 3rd round. His strength will finally wilt rashad and it will be GNP all day.
5/30/08 11:00:24PM
I'm probably one of the only Rashad fans in the world, but I have really been impressed with Hamill recently, and I think that he'll start moving up at 205 fast. He's strong and has excellent wrestling - which can be a dangerous combination if he can become a little more rounded overall as a fighter.
5/30/08 11:04:52PM
Rashad UD.
5/30/08 11:41:06PM
I would root for Hammil, he just keeps coming after you, i think he would put a beating on rashad he is bigger than evans also.
5/30/08 11:44:39PM
I think it's a bad match-up for Evans stylistically... his strong suit is usually his wrestling and I think Hammill would have the advantage there and be the naturally stronger guy. Evans might be able to catch him with a high kick though cause Hammill likes to leave his hands down at times but I would have to say Hammill by a lopsided decision via ground n' pound.
5/30/08 11:49:13PM
I think it could go either way but it would probably be a boring fight. If I had to pick I would go with Rashad by split.
5/30/08 11:57:59PM
I think this would go to Hamill. he is a much better wrestler then Rashad, which is the area that Rashad relies on. sure Rashad has some power in his strikes, bu ti believe Hamill has even more. Hamill is looking better and better every time out and he is actually starting to look somewhat crisp on the feet. He will control Rashad with his wrestling and pound him on the feet. i just think Hamil will show the world that he is a true warrior and will come out and get the UD.
5/30/08 11:59:35PM
Hamill by UD. He shouldn't be the favorite in the fight buy I'll take him. I see it being a very slow fight with some minor highlights and Hamill laying a superior striking game out on Evans in between wrestling sequences.

I don't think Hamill is bigger and I don't think he will be the better wrestler that night. I think that little extra will win the night.
5/31/08 12:17:24AM
We havnt really seen Rashad on his back and i'm pretty sure Hamill is the better wrestler and probably stronger, I'd say 2nd or 3rd round GnP TKO
5/31/08 12:44:23AM
Wow, a Rashad Evans match up I'd actually be curious to see! Bravo Joe Silva. If this matchup is really being made I am deeply impressed with the UFC actually making a marketable Rashad Evans matchup
5/31/08 12:49:39AM
i think Hamill wins this easily, & by poll votes i see im not alone

plus Rashad shoulda lost a fight & Hamill shoulda won a fight so they really should be in each other's shoes

i'd love to see the odds on this fight....might be a good chance to steal some $
5/31/08 1:41:31AM
Hammil 2nd rnd RNC
5/31/08 7:54:31AM
i'll have to go with hamill on this one
5/31/08 9:59:01AM
im gonna go against what you guys are saying and say that rashad stops him in the second round. i think his standup is a little better than hamils only because he has been working on it considerably longer than hamil. hamils wrestling is a little better than rashads but i think they will be able to nullify each other in that regard and i think rashad will eventually catch him pound him out, as i am still a little suspect of his chin (based basically from him seeming like a whiner in TUF)
5/31/08 10:10:18AM
Hammil by tko in the 3rd. He is a better wrestler he seems stronger i mean the guys a bull and his strikes are improving, he comes and trains with my boxing coach periodically before fights and his hands are getting much better.
6/1/08 1:40:15AM
i hope this dosn't happen. would be boring to watch two good fighters drain thier energy in a wrestling match. or have them both rabbit strike each other
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