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9/7/08 4:45:00PM
Anybody else surprised that he didn't use his wrestling more. when he went for the takedowns he got them. not that i think he would have won the fight if he went for the takedown more because Rich looked great on the ground, but I was surprised that he stood as much as he did, not as surprised as I was with Sherk against BJ, but still a little surprised.
9/7/08 4:59:16PM
what? He got like one takedown the entire fight, he attempted many takedowns, Rich had a great gameplan and great TD defense.

Rich leg kicked him the entire first round to take away his shooting power, and then started kicking and punching the body to exhaust him. He tried many times for the takedown, Rich just made it really painful for him to do so. Several times he got ahold of his leg, but you could tell he was too hurt/exhausted to successfully finish the takedown.

I don't think it was that matt wasn't using his wrestling, Rich just did an amazing job of neutralizing it.
9/7/08 5:01:50PM
I was very suprised by Matt

obviously Franklin is a good opponent but Matt was very disappointing

9/7/08 5:02:05PM
its hard to shoot in when youve been kicked in the leg approx. 3000 times
9/7/08 6:06:18PM
honestly its hard to shoot in after one good leg kick but id have to agree rich had his number the whole fight and really showed veteren status hammil will be back tho
9/7/08 6:38:52PM
Yeah I was disappointed with Hammil on this one.. he looked a bit sloppy in there, on top of that he seemed to have gassed by the 2nd round and just didnt seem "crisp"...

Props to Franklin he looked great, very clean movement throughout the octagon, and he mixed it up very well with his combinations of strikes to get an impressive victory!

Hammil needs to improve his game if he wants to ever be competing for that belt, I feel kinda sorry for the guy.. I hope one day he gets what he wants, he certainly has the motivation to do it... he just needs to work on his cardio and it wouldn't hurt to have some better strikes...
9/7/08 6:48:12PM
Hamil IMO has peaked as a fighter
9/7/08 6:57:57PM
Hammil said in the post fight interview it was his plan to shoot in. He probably wanted to feel rich out and make sure his takedowns where successful. But after taking so many kicks he must of realised it was going to be hard to shoot, and thats why he didnt do it as often. I mean, even when he did get one he was almost armbared in like 5 seconds, sometimes just becouse your a wrestler, it doesn't mean its a good idea to take a fight to the ground, ala hendos fight last night. Rich has got a very very tight Jits game, i was actually close to picking him to win by sub.
9/7/08 9:59:42PM
I watched this event as usual with my buddies. I bet on Hammil to win this fight. As we watched I told my friends that his game plan was perhaps one of the worst in recent history lol. Matt Hammil is one of the better wrestlers in the UFC. Rich Franklin doesn't have great take down defense, nor does he have much of a ground game. Yet you can count on one hand the amount of time Hammil tried to take him down. He looked like he wasn't really even into the fights, he was lethargic and just there to be there. Matt should have taken him down ever before he had a chance to implement leg kicks into his thought process. I'll stop my whining now, at least Tom Brady is out for the season.
9/7/08 10:20:20PM

Posted by copcopps

Hamil IMO has peaked as a fighter

Wow, if hes peaked what are you gonna tell the chuck fans?
9/8/08 6:19:13AM
at least hamill still has his bio movie coming out. Im honestly excited about that one. I love hamill and rich so im just glad it was a good fight
9/8/08 9:25:02AM
yeh i thought matt would have done a little better, but to those who said franklin has no ground.........what do you call him getting out of lutters tight arm bar
9/8/08 9:31:55AM
after watching the fight it seemed to me that matt respected rich's striking a bit too much. against bisping he was much more aggressive on the feet, and i think sparring with rich in the past he probably had his bell rung a few times and it was in his head a bit. this may have been a case of over cautiousness, or maybe even the jitters of facing a friend and being a co-main event.
9/8/08 9:37:45AM

Posted by cowcatcher

after watching the fight it seemed to me that matt respected rich's striking a bit too much. against bisping he was much more aggressive on the feet, and i think sparring with rich in the past he probably had his bell rung a few times and it was in his head a bit. this may have been a case of over cautiousness, or maybe even the jitters of facing a friend and being a co-main event.

You make some great points cowcatcher. Matt already knew what Rich's power felt like. I'm sure Matt learned a lot from the fight and he'll come back a stronger more confident fighter.
9/8/08 9:50:53AM
Hammil just wasn't ready for someone as experienced and savvy and generally as skilled as Franklin.

Ace just put it on him from the start and out did everything, out struck him out thought him everything.

I agree that Franklin has an underated jits game, and think his abilities on the ground are vastly overlooked because he prefers to stand. Not that I think the lutter armbar escape stands as a single solid argument for it, since lutter hadn't secured it completely. The escape was there to be had and Rich just took it. Impressive stuff, but not a wow moment. you know what I mean.

Hammil will be back, it goes without saying. how far will he get is another question. he'll have loads of distractions, and whether his will to fight and put the time in to continue improving, will remain to be seen. I can't say I've seen much improvement in Matt's game fight to fight.
9/8/08 9:59:50AM
IMO Hammill wasn't prepared to fight a fighter with the caliber of Rich Franklin they should of gave him, someone a little less experianced.
9/8/08 9:23:53PM
I think Hammil will keep getting better as a fighter, he looked good imo intill that leg kick.
9/8/08 10:31:35PM
Matt seemed like he didn't want to be there. He just looked like he was standing there with no motivation at all. Maybe he was overwhelmed? Who knows. What we do know is after Franklin annihilated him in the first round, Hamill looked nothing but sloppy and tired. There's always something about him and I've noticed it before. It seems that if he gets overwhelmed on the feet he sort of just gives up. I just don't think he has the drive.
9/8/08 10:45:05PM
Hammil needs a lot of expeirience to beat a guy like Rich. but he still put on a good fight. most likel;y the reasomn the fight was made in the first place. Try and get Rich into the LHW title picture as soon as possible. A fight between Rich Franklin and Forrest Griffen would be HUGE! Hammil seemd to be outclassed. Plus Rich's leg kicks took away the takedown before Hammil could use it effectively. Give Hammil another year. He will be at the top of 205. just a prediction but one i am eagerly making
9/9/08 12:11:22PM
I agree... He doesn't have that champions desire that we see in others. In other words, he isn't "hungry" anymore...
9/9/08 12:12:17PM
hit reply instead of quote...
9/11/08 5:05:07PM
Hammill is clearly not even close to franklin's skill level. I'm surprised that they put these two against each other. Hammill seems like a very marketable fighter. He is talented, likable, and has proven people wrong. It'll be good that he was in a big fight like this, for some experience, but i really would have guessed that he get someone he could beat. Count on that for his next fight to get him back into winning. He'll be around for awhile.
9/12/08 3:24:48AM
hammil needs a better camp
he was outclassed due to a horrible game plan
that fight was his to lose and he lost
i like rich but people need to ease off the idea of him being a force in the lhw division
if anything a. silva could just move up and knock him out again
he will make a better gatekeeper at lhw than at mw though
i see him as the chris lytle of the lhw division
9/12/08 6:07:32PM
Hammil got beat like a set of bongos. Only, he couldn't hear the beating of the bongos, cuz he's deaf. So he couldn't hear his beating... but he felt it! Felt the bongo beating.

Franklin gave a felt bongo beating that went unheard to Matt, unless you count the non-literal interpretation, in that he heard the presence of the beating, or perhaps even felt the vibrations from said bongo bashing.

Matt Hammil felt the bass of his beating.

If this post is in poor taste, I apologize. My mother was killed by a deaf-driver, so I hold grudges. Never deaf and drive, kids. That's a lesson to listen to, even if you are deaf.
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