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12/19/08 8:56:47AM
(Note: A list of MMA's most fascinating people wouldn't be complete without the addition of UFC light heavyweight Matt Hamill. In the first of a four-part series leading up to a UFC 92 bout with Reese Andy,'s Jon Lane delves into the world of Hamill, the UFC's first-ever deaf fighter. While the surface has been scratched, Lane takes us deep into Hamill's world and explains how it all comes together – in MMA and in life. is pleased to present the first installment of our new series, "Matt Hamill: Raw.")

12/19/08 6:05:38PM
Great read. Man I think Hamill is way overlooked. First deaf fighyter ever to gain this much sucsess, let alone in the elite crowd of the UFC. What he has done is amazing and he continues to grow in this sport which he is still a baby at. He is young and very determined. And he comes from an wrestling background. It hits home for me and I really think the insurgence of MMA into the mainstream will help the high school and college wrestling programs immensely.
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