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4/22/09 5:41:01PM
“I have a lot of things to add. I add more moves every time I fight. Every time I fight, there will always be a new move, so at UFC 102 against Brandon Vera, I’ll have a new weapon that no one has seen. The old Matt Hamill is not the new one. I can do things that are not expected.”

4/22/09 5:44:07PM
4/22/09 8:01:25PM

Always been a huge fan, I really think he has potential to be a champ some day!
4/22/09 8:04:11PM
i dont know about hamill ever competing for a belt, but he's definitely improving every fight. I like him a lot (honestly tho, does anyone NOT like matt hamill?)
and i like his chances against vera. it should be a great fight.
4/22/09 9:27:59PM
Good plan Vera wouldn't go for the dirty boxing bit Hamill is so great at I'm really pullin for this guy
4/23/09 12:34:28AM
Seems like a bad match up for Hamill, if Vera can just stay on the outside and pick apart hamill. Dont see Matt getting another head kick. But ill be rooting for Hamill to win.
4/23/09 1:48:52AM
a lot of people think hamill will take vera with ease in this fight and i don't think that will happen...vera did look impressive in his last fight with those leg kicks and if matt just takes them all fight he may be in for a long fight....i also don't see him going for a belt anytime soon...

maybe a match with krystof?!??!?
4/23/09 10:24:39AM
Why does he talk like that? He's deaf, not retarded. Although sometimes from the way he acts you wouldn't know the difference.
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