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9/8/09 4:22:32PM
A light heavyweight clash between fast-rising prospects Matt Hamill (7-2 MMA, 6-2 UFC) and Jon Jones (9-0 MMA, 3-0 UFC) is expected to feature prominently at The Ultimate Fighter 10 Finale in December. ( has learned from sources close to the event that a bout between Jones and Hamill is currently in negotiations, and at least one fighter's camp says verbal agreements are in place.

The bout would be expected to serve in at least a co-main-event role for the Dec. 5 event in Las Vegas. The main card airs live on Spike TV.

9/8/09 4:34:01PM
Pretty interesting matchup here. Either hamill by UD or Jones by SD
9/8/09 4:55:06PM
I could see Jones TKoing Hamil in the 2nd or 3rd.
9/8/09 5:05:49PM

Posted by sclasclemski

I could see Jones TKoing Hamil in the 2nd or 3rd.

Ya i like Bones Jones chances here, he just has to stay on his feet.
9/8/09 5:12:27PM
Tough fight to call. Hamill hits hard but Jones has shown he can be a dynamic striker. Gonna have to think about this one
9/8/09 5:32:15PM
This could be a really good fight.
9/8/09 5:42:25PM
I think Hammil has the better wrestling and that will be the difference, bones is the better all around fighter though, another tough one to call, these types of fights just keep coming about. not that it's a bad thing of course and I'm certainly not complaining about it.
9/8/09 5:52:44PM
This will be a tough test for Jones, no doubt.

We will see if the Greg Jackson training camp worked wonders and if he's ready to take the next step and fight some better competition.
9/8/09 6:23:25PM
Jon Jones is a force, and everyone should keep their eye on him. He reminds me of Anthony Johnson.Loads of talent and promise.Just hope I dont bet the house like I have been on Jones, and he has a hiccup that time, as AJ has.

Hamill looked great against Munoz. I was looking forward to Vera and Hamill. The winner of this fight won't jump to contender status, but will be in the conversations and matchup rumors for big fights. Tito will need an opponent by that time, Hendo and Lil' Nog(hopefully), Shogun will be done healing and will be ready for an early '10, spring fight with either men. Shogun/Jones would be electric. So, all in all great matchup. O'Brien was a wrestler, not the calibur of Matt, but that was a question going into the fight with Bones, and Jonny came through big time on that answer. Hamill has been committed to improving his standup, and in the case of the Franklin fight, abandoning his wrestling and take downs. I look to see Jonny J. to take advantage of this and move around the octagon and control the pace. Only thing that I'll be curious to see is the cardio of Bones.Granted he's gone to decision two out of three fights in the UFC, I think 3 rounds is more taxing with a guy like Matt Hamill, and the pace he sets and stays with, than a say a Andre Gusmao, and an overtrained, tired Bonnar. Good lookin' on that choke at 100 JJ.

Won't be surprised to see Jones an underdog, yet still a hot bout, here. I'm a have to go with my man Jon Jones by decision, or late TKO. Hamill can clinch a dec. if he uses some takedowns, and controls Jones for some time on the ground, i think Bones is more agile, and quicker. Should be a great matchup, and maybe a highlight reel moment for either guy as I'm sure Bones has some new tricks, and Hamill will look to get back to the octagon after a brutal KO.
9/8/09 7:03:27PM
Jones won't outwrestle Hamill. We'll see if he's been overhyped or not. Should be a great fight.
9/8/09 7:59:49PM
I'm going for Jon Jones and by tko
9/8/09 8:17:50PM
I don't think Hamill has good enough stand up to set up his takedowns with strikes and Jones is athletic enough to sprawl out of any telegraphed takedowns, which Hamill has a tendency to do. That being said i don't think Jones is strong enough to shoot a double leg on Hamill and take him down either. That leaves the clinch. Will Bones' Greco be able to toss Hamill around like he tossed Bonnar? Or will the raw power of Hamill enable him to push Jones against the fence and dirty box him? I think the clinch will decide this matchup. If it's a stalemate they stand back and box and I think that favors Jones with his eclectic mix of strikes but it also will also serve as a test of Jones chin because Hamill has a lot of raw power.

I can't quite pick this one yet, I haven't decided who wins the clinch game and I don't know if either guy is capable of cleanly KOing the other. If it goes to decision I'm leaning towards Jones because of his flashy style.

However it shakes out this is a badass fight. You're the man Joe Silva!
9/8/09 8:21:06PM
and to think this fight is not the main event
should be good but i think hamill will ko him
9/8/09 8:24:24PM
well if jones can stay on the outside and keep moving around and be faster, striking, avoid the takedowns of hamill. Jones could win the decision.
9/8/09 8:25:23PM
Gonna be a tough fight for Jones. I think Hamill out-wrestles Bones to a unanimous decision victory.
9/8/09 8:47:47PM
Very interesting matchup. i wonder if hammil will be able to dominate wrestling against Jones? If not it wil be a long night for Matt. Hopfully he doesnt try and stand with Jon, but he proabal;y will get caught standing. I hate to root for either of these guys in this situation because I want to see both fighters do well.!!!??? Probably pick Jones viaTKO
9/8/09 9:03:04PM
Jones is a natural and he has a bright future no doubt. But Hamill's improved a lot since his Bisping fight. He just kod Munoz so I think he can deal with Jones' striking. I think he out-wrestles Jones to a UD.
9/8/09 9:25:14PM
Hamill's striking has improved but he still keeps his hands way too low. with Jones' striking and greco skills Hamill will probably get out struck and bullied in the clinch. going with Jones by TKO.
9/8/09 11:23:01PM
expect this fight to stay on the feet, as matt's wrestling is a step above jones's, he will prolly not use it much.
9/8/09 11:57:16PM
I think Hamil's wrestling is better then Jones' and that will be a factor. Though Jones has the better striking I feel he's highly overrated and, I think Hamil has more power in his hands and feet, I'm saying Hamil by UD.
9/9/09 12:04:22AM
Hammill is definately tough. He's got a good chin but he's easily found. He can be hit as evidenced by his losses and his fight against Bisping. I don't think that's a great thing against a creative striker like Bones. Bones is at the very beginning of his talent level and he knows it...which is very important. He's already a great wrestler and people don't give him credit for it.

Everyone said Bones would be KILLED by O'Brien's "great" wrestling but O'brien wasn't even remotely close to being able to get a takedown.

But yeah he's still raw. He circled the wrong way through most of that fight--into O'brien's power hand, he ducks his head to the right as his "default" head movement position when a punch is thrown and he kind of blindly throws both arms out. But man, he's got reach, speed, and when he learns better head movement and defense, rolling his shoulders, ducking under shots with his hands ready to deliver blows, when most importantly he just controls the angles and distance he's gonna be FIERCE.

He should just study Silva because he has the same body type. He's Looooong. 6'4" with extra long arms? Sometimes nature isn't fair to some people. ;) I think in time he'll be great not good. I think Hamill on the other hand will always be a tough guy, a pretty good fighter and a bit of a gatekeeper==never a champ. I like him a lot but he isn't Bones good.

Will Bones win? I think so. The longer the fight goes the more relaxed he'll get and the more creative he'll get with his strikes. For a beginner in MMA he has a TON of weapons and he doesn't even know how to use them all ie: he doesn't use his jab well yet, doesn't throw great combinations, doesn't counter punch, but he has all of that. A trainer like Greg Jackson must be salivating over the potential.
9/9/09 5:22:40PM
This fight will stay on the feet Classic wrestler v wrestler = boxing match. Jones is too fast for Hamill. Hamill fights very flat footed also he is pretty bad at checking/avoiding kicks I think Jones will pick him apart for a late tko or dec.
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