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3/29/09 8:54:46PM
heard this fight will be signed any day this week maybe even tommorrow
good fight it did make sense in ohio that both guys would cross paths
winner might just break ufc top 10 in light heavy
a loss for vera would mean alot worst than a loss for hamill
with this and the griffin fight vs silva moved to 101 from 102
card is looking good
3/29/09 9:29:35PM
Interesting match up if it happens, right now im leaning towards hammil
3/29/09 9:32:06PM
Vera will kick Hamill's legs at will. He looked fast in his last fight and I just don't think Matt can handle that kind of a striker.
Don't get me wrong, Matt is tough but his striking has not progressed as quickly as it needed to (with the exception of the head kick against a young Munoz).
3/29/09 9:51:18PM
Franklins diversity in his strikes gave Hammill huge problems.

A fighter like vera whos even rangier, faster, and more complete with his striking set should make a long night for a fighter like Hammill
3/29/09 9:58:48PM

Posted by Pookie

Franklins diversity in his strikes gave Hammill huge problems.

A fighter like vera whos even rangier, faster, and more complete with his striking set should make a long night for a fighter like Hammill


Not to mention Brandon Vera is a semi-decent wrestler who is experienced in the clinch, so Hamill really won't have too many answers. I'd say Vera works the whole body with kicks and puts Hamill away in the second. Vera's MT looked legit his last fight out. Looking forward to seeing that again
3/29/09 10:15:25PM
Mark these words, Hamill would kick his ass and pummenl him at will. Unfortunately Hammil fights like a ****** instead of using his world class wrestling to dominate.

So instead Vera kicks Hammils ass at will. Frustration. But if Hamill goes out there with a real will to take down Vera he will win easily.
3/29/09 10:34:54PM
if this fight happens i see vera picking hammill apart from the outside while defending the takedowns. brandon vera is a different kind of striker and look for a devastating ko from him if the the fight even happens.
3/29/09 10:49:59PM
Please, dont make this fight
3/29/09 10:57:50PM
This fight is very hard for me to pick. I mean Hamil could easily use his good boxing and excellent wrestling to stay in Vera's face and not let him have distance to pick him apart and out work him just as easily as Vera could keep the distance and pick him apart and give him problems similar to how franklin did.

So it's very hard to choose. Definitely rooting for Hamil. I guess I'll go with Hamil 3rd round KO. I think he stay in his face and tire him out and stop him eventually.
3/29/09 11:04:40PM
If the fight happens, ithink Hamil will be to much for Vera, and he win by a late TKO or a UD.
3/29/09 11:08:47PM

Posted by EvenFlow

Please, dont make this fight


This is such a bad match up. Vera can just stay on the outside and strike and win a boring UD and hamill will try to get take downs but fail. Just doesnt seem like a good fight.

Im sure they can find more exciting matchups for these two.

-Hamill vs Brilz

-Vera vs Drwal
3/29/09 11:15:35PM
This matchup strikes me as strange. It seemed like after the Franklin matchup, they were going to baby Matt Hammil a little bit, but now he's getting thrown into the deep end again?

I'd be glad to see this matchup, because I think the UFC is about putting on the best fights...not building up fighters. Obviously I don't want to see fighters thrown into fights they have no business being in, like they do in Japan--but in my opinion there are some fighters that get babied too much to keep their records plush.

If this fight happens. I think it's "the truth" all the way. I don't think Matt is really a GnP style fighter. He seems to be very uncomfortable inside someone's guard. Maybe his submission defense is very raw at this point. Should be mostly standup, with Brandon picking Hammil apart very much like Franklin.
3/30/09 12:23:20AM
This will be the fight that teaches Hammil to keep his hands up.

I like both fighters, but I think Vera kicks and knees..ending it in the 2nd
3/30/09 12:55:19AM
This should make for a good fight. I hope Hamill takes it for the win.
3/30/09 12:16:21PM
One reason Hammil can't beat Vera. Hammil can't stand being hit and Vera has the biggest reach of any fighter he's faced so far. Matt's wrestling is probably better than Brandon's, but Brandon's is good enough to stuff the timid double-leg attempts that Matt will be shooting from way outside all night long. The more punishement Matt takes, the less likely he will be to shoot leaving Brandon able to open up bigger and bigger striking assaults.
3/30/09 12:49:38PM
IF Hamill can stay in Vera's face and try for the TD's relentlessly he could gas Vera and possibly get the UD and maybe even the late TKO. I doubt that will happen so ill pick Vera TKO but i wont be surprised one bit if Hammil comes out the victor. Id say the favor is 55/45 for Vera. I hope Hammil wins though.
3/30/09 1:59:32PM
This is a bad, bad match up for Hamill... Rich made him look foolish, and was a bad match up for Hamill is facing someone who's taller, and faster than Rich.

I don't like Vera, but my mind he's going to kick Hamill down. Vera 2nd round TKO due to kicks.
3/30/09 2:07:33PM
Now that I think about it, one would think the logical choice for Hamill is to GnP and or LnP. He probably can hold Vera down for 3 rounds and wear him down or finish him. I really dont see Matt standing with the Brandon Vera of old, the takedown defense of Vera will determine this fight I think. All I'd have to say to Matt is do not stand with him, use it to set up takedowns.
3/30/09 6:14:54PM
I got Hammil in this one I dont think Vera will be so free with his kicks out of fear of the takedown once Hammil has you down its hard to get back up. Vera knows this also I think Vera will be surprised by how confident Hammil is on his feet for a guy that has very little skill striking I just see Hammil getting in his face keeping him guessing and showing that he wants it more in the end I think heart takes the victory
3/30/09 6:25:36PM
if Vera uses his leg kicks against Hamill..this one should go Vera's way..since the last time we seen Hamill takin leg kicks was in the Franklin match..which ended Franklins way tko..if Vera could set them up..i think Vera could win by RHK...
3/31/09 12:12:09AM
Vera should smash him

Does anybody know who the instructors at are???
3/31/09 7:20:38PM
This would be a very interseting matchup. I dont know if Vera would look to use his clinch. He would want to steer clear of Hamill. It will all come down to if Matt can close the distance and take Vera down. I think I'll pick Hamill to win via TKO 2nd GnP
4/1/09 1:06:37PM
Are some of you guys talking about the same Matt Hammil? Confident on his feet? Setting a pace to gas Vera? The guy is crap on his feet. He's scared to get hit. He ducks his head and covers up every time he gets punched at. His gas tank is also crap. Hammil has no answer for Vera's reach and speed advantages. And while Hammil's wrestling is probably superior to Vera's, Vera only needs to be good enough to stuff the timid double legs from way outside, which is all he'll see from Hammil.
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