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4/1/07 3:41:59PM

Posted by Gogoplata

Matt needs to work on his hands instead of going to Big Bear and training with Tito. I've always thought that great wrestlers have no need to train with other wrestlers. What Hammill needs to do is work on his standup game.

In his fight against Tito he went down. He got right back up and elbowed Tito in the face.
4/1/07 5:40:06PM

Posted by papercut

Posted by Gogoplata

Posted by Mv356

Tito wrestling > Rampage wrestling

Chuck liddel not good on the ground? Ur an artard

When is the last time Chuck was on the ground?

not to sound rude or anything but just because he hasn't been on the ground lately doesn't mean he's bad down there he was a wrestler in college and I'm sure he trains wrestling and BJJ just incase he does get taken down

Did I say he was bad on the ground? No. He's never there and hasn't been in a bad position on the ground for some time now, so we really don't know what his ground game looks like right now.
4/1/07 8:30:53PM


Posted by cowcatcher

Posted by cant_hit_bombz

Lets see

World class Wrestler

Strong as an Ox

Incredible work ethic

Sounds like Matt Hughes to me

4/2/07 3:59:55PM
Am I the only one who thinks Kendal Grove's sternum looks like a huge target (and liability?)

I think Matt is like so many fighters - off to a great start with fantastic wrestling skills. But man it's all gonna get so boring so fast if they don't learn how to finish fights!

I'd love to see Kendal take it to the next level, I think he could...but we all gotta give him time.
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