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3/14/11 8:46:57PM
"The Immortal" likely has one last shot to get a win before he gets shuffled out of the octagon.

Matt Brown is expected to meet Rich Attonito at The Ultimate Fighter 13, according to sources close to the event who today told that verbal agreements are in place for the bout. first reported the fight.

3/14/11 8:50:09PM
I have the Immortal one, by KO.
3/14/11 8:57:06PM
I think Brown is slowly falling down the ladder, and with another loss will receive his walking papers, or maybe pushed over to Strikeforce. I'm honestly surprised he hasn't been cut yet. Anttonito looked really good in his fight with Natal and looked to be improving even in his loss to Branch. I think his wrestling and stiff striking with keep Brown off his game enough to earn him the decision or late TKO stoppage.
3/14/11 9:20:28PM
I've been rolling with Attonito lately, he should have the wrestling advantage and could win a decision that way or can Matt Brown have Attonito stand long enough for him to land some good shots and possible get a tko.

Pulling for Brown because that guy always brings it and I dont want to see him get cut.
3/14/11 11:28:48PM
Would like to see Brown win. but Rich's wrestling will be to much. Attonito UD
3/15/11 12:32:46AM
Love The Immortal....darce choke-2nd rd.
3/15/11 5:21:24AM
brown by toughness!!
3/15/11 9:27:49AM
Once again, another solid match up from Joe Silva! Dude is good at his job.
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