What if match: Joe Stevenson v. Tyson Griffin?

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4/27/08 11:35:22PM
Wouldn't this be a good match up? If Griffin wins, it proves he should be next in line to fight for the belt, if Stevenson wins, he could shoot himself back into the mix, possibly fighting another top contender like KenFlo or even Nate Diaz....

I was just thinking about who should deserve a title shot after KenFlo and I immediately thought of Tyson Griffin...

What do you think?
4/28/08 12:04:33AM
Tyson is the better Wrestler, Scrambler, and has better Stand Up and Power so I'd take him via Unanimous Decision if this Fight ever happened. I actually think Gleison Tibau will beat Joe
4/28/08 12:25:05AM
i think joe takes this one easily, he is the better ground fighter. and can finish fights. tyson is overrated.

I wanna see joe vs kenny
4/28/08 9:20:18AM
this would be a good fight because they are both big 155ers and I think they are kinda matched up similar. but joe is better on the ground and tyson has alitte bit better stand up.
4/28/08 9:39:06AM
Stevenson. I think hes better at pretty much every aspect other than pure wrestling. Although i think joes wrestling his more than enough to get him by in mma, and hed give even tyson a tough time in terms of getting taken down. I think itd be a hell of a fight though. I think the stand up would be pretty even, joe having the better technical boxing, but tyson throwing the more powerful shots. I think tyson would work more takedowns, but there would be alot of transition work with neither fighter being able to hold the top positions for to long. In the end though, joe would pull out either a late rnc or s/ud.
4/28/08 12:04:08PM
I think it would be a fast paced fight with all out action and Tyson Griffin winning by UD.

Would be a great fight though.
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