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7/7/12 3:15:06PM
I always liked this guy, sadly he had a huge hole in his game and it's called submissions. Had he taken ground game seriously, he could have been a force, imagine Brian Stann vs. Drew McFedries I mean McFedries has boulders in his hands. To bad he could never put it all together. Anyways the facts:
Shortest Avg. Fight Time: 2:20(1st) In the UFC with two fights under a minute.
Avg. Strikes per minute 5.13 6th in the UFC.

So basically 13 strikes and he either ko'd the guy or lost via submission. Very interesting.

Enjoy this uppercut from hell!
7/7/12 3:20:40PM
Nasty knockout there. I remember picking Radev to beat him on here and being pretty surprised by it.
7/7/12 5:34:34PM
Drew's always been one of my all time favorite fighters to watch. Dude packs a mean punch and fights like he's drunk and when you trade with Drew you're usually going to get KTFO!
7/7/12 6:06:09PM
radev was so cock stiff that the his head didnt even move the second ground bomb he ate, and the first and third only jiggled his haircut

I remember watching that replay for about 20 minutes when it happened
7/7/12 6:37:54PM
I always enjoyed watching McFedries. There was something about the cadence of his movement as he moved around cage. His head would have a slight bob from side to side which made his movements look more fluid. Too bad BJJ was his kryptonite.