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3/11/10 1:26:58PM
Its sad to see him go at a time when MMA was starting to blow up. In the past year look how much he missed, not just UFC events but, the growth of Strikeforce, the maturation of fighters such as gehgard, jon jones and Cain Velasquez, not to mention the "freakshows" and terrible officiating. When you think about how much Mask did when MMA was a figment of peoples imaginations, now imagine what he could've done with the sport in the next 5 years. I personally think he would've also had a huge part in UFC 100, not that Tapout as a whole didnt, I just think Mask wouldve done something a little bit more over the top that the other guys couldnt think of. He is definitely a major icon in the sport of MMA, a great success story, and a great person. He can be looked at as a motivator for people to not give up on their dream, and that hard work and sacrifice does pay. Mask is a legend that will be greatly missed by many................................and who doesnt love his laugh
3/11/10 2:43:05PM
Yeah Mask had a big part in the growth of the sport. Lot of people just don't realize how big his part was. They helped out a lot of big name fighters and a lot of fighters some of us have never even heard of. He was always a positive influence for fighters and fans alike.
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