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4/18/07 9:20:45PM
One of the rising stars of the UFC's Middleweight division is Denmark's Martin Kampmann. Bloodyknux.Com's Tyler Horton was privleged enough to catch up with Martin recently and discussed everything with him from his adjustments to life and fighting in the US, thoughts about his June bout against former UFC middleweight champion Rich Franklin and more.

4/19/07 10:20:12AM
Kampmann will surely have his hands full. Great interview.
4/19/07 1:17:53PM
Yeh good interview. He is a very talanted rising star in the UFC
4/19/07 8:50:15PM
Think he has a chance against Franklin?
4/20/07 12:12:12PM

Posted by DCBooks

Think he has a chance against Franklin?

He could give Franklin problems but I think he's gonna get overpowered and overwelmed
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