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2/11/08 9:35:12PM
This is a new interview of Martin Kampmann I just found. If some of you dont remember, he's the guy that blew out his knee about a year or so ago. Check it out.
2/11/08 9:44:57PM
I really like this guy, nice young MW contender. Hope to see him back 100% soon.
2/11/08 9:49:09PM
Good find, i was wondering when we'd be seeing Kampmann again... thanks for the post!
2/11/08 10:12:41PM

Great news!! The MW Div. needs him really bad and I was really looking forward to see him against Franklin. Summer eh? probably in the Liddell-Shogun card?? yet another must-see 2008 card.
2/11/08 10:34:11PM
im a big fan of his he seems cool ... esspecially after the mcfedris fight ... but yea i think he does need 2 drop 2 170 though ... id love 2 se ehim anbd bisping fight
2/11/08 10:36:34PM
Bummer news...some guys can never come back from injuries that big, just look at Frank Mir...he's just never been the same. I hope the same isn't true with Kampmann, he is just what the MW div needs to shake things up!!
2/11/08 10:37:15PM
Looking forward to seeing Kampmann get back into the octagon. He's a really good Middleweight contender. His fight with McFedries was awesome.
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