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1/12/10 5:16:45PM
UFC 111 continues to fill up quickly, and another match was added today as Martin Kampmann & Ben Saunders have agreed to face off on the card. Both fighters have bounced back from their only UFC losses with impressive wins recently.

1/12/10 5:35:24PM
You know, you'd think Kampmann would be a huge WW since he dropped down from MW, but I see Ben just being to big and powerful for him to deal with.
1/12/10 7:07:34PM
kammpman can't take punches in bunches add the knees i give the edge to saunders
1/12/10 7:20:46PM
Should be a good scrap, glad I got my tickets to 111, so many good welterweights on this card. Hopefully Kampmann fights a smart fight here, I can see him taking a decision, if not Saunders might TKO him. Should be an interesting fight.
1/12/10 9:54:23PM
Saunders by 2nd round KO
1/12/10 10:34:16PM
After the Daley fight I think Kampmann will try and get this fight to the ground where Saunder's is no joke on the ground. I see Saunders has been coming out strong in the first round his last couple of fights which is the perfect strategy to beat Kampmann. Volkman was aggressive and it was working for a little be but he just got too over anxious. I see Killa B being slightly better in all areas.
1/12/10 11:00:55PM
Killa B keeps on Killin' here
1/12/10 11:55:41PM
That's a tough one to call, for now I will be going with Martin but Saunders is no joke.
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