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8/13/07 6:30:55PM
Anybody heard anything in regards to his injury? Is there a date when he'll be back yet? I looked briefly but couldn't find anything online.

I'm excited to see more of his work in the Octagon. I'm not sure he's top competition, but I was really impressed in the Drew McFedries fight he had.
8/13/07 6:32:30PM
no word really on when hes coming back.
8/13/07 6:38:33PM
I think I heard he should be back in 08, I also heard it was a very very serious injury. I can't wait to see him back also, he's a very talented up n' comer.
8/13/07 7:22:09PM
really? not until 08? dam thats a long time to wait. The the middleweight div. needs him soon. Hope he comes back strong.
8/15/07 11:48:17AM
Yeah I heard 08 as well.
8/15/07 11:51:05AM
every time a guy in mma gets a serious injury i cant help but hope they come back better than mir. it would be a shame to see this kid have what looked like could be a great career get ruined due to injury. lets hope he comes back strong, hes a lot of fun to watch.
8/15/07 2:51:57PM
Exactly. Mir was a tragedy. Mir was on a tear before the injury. I hope he's able to come back strong. He could have filled alot of holes in that HW division that Sylvia didn't exactly do for people. Mir is one of the most athletic big men out there. Or rather, was.

I think Kampmann will come back strong, though. Lots of guys have made big comebacks after knee injuries. There's amazing doctors out there that let's hope he can afford!
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