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9/21/10 9:32:47PM

In an interesting twist, a rumored bout between Nate Marquardt and Yushin Okami is being discussed for UFC 122. Okami was originally scheduled to face Vitor Belfort as a headline bout for the event. The reason for the replacement is yet unknown. It is believed this bout will still determine the next number one contender to UFC middleweight bout.

UFC 122 is scheduled for Saturday November 13th and will mark the company's second trip to Germany.

Twist is interesting because earlier today, Leben vs Marquardt was rumored for 125. If you read between the lines, it appears that Silva vs Belfort would now be at 125
9/21/10 10:56:34PM
That's a quick fix for the Sonnen situation, but I still think Okami is more deserving of a title shot than Belfort....besides Belfort vs Marquardt ensures excitement!
9/21/10 11:14:19PM
True, but Belfort vs. Silva sells seats, plus Marquart/Okami for sure eliminates one guy who probably won't generate much interest from the casual fan, and will give the other the title shot they deserve.

I'm ok with this.
9/22/10 12:49:19AM
I'd love to finally see vitor fight,
9/22/10 1:09:57AM
Vitor pulled out because of an injury.

9/22/10 2:00:21AM
nate vs silva 2, after nate beats okami of course. but i've been wanting that okami vs silva rematch as well.......
9/22/10 3:51:30AM
ODK if Nate is a gaurantee against Okami. Okami starts slow tru but, he uses range and boxing along with a very strong wrestling base.....could spell for a lot of problems for Nate.
9/22/10 3:53:16AM
So, then Vitor vs Anderson?
9/22/10 10:56:58AM
It is true. Nate was gonna fight leban at 125

I hope vitor vs silva at 125. I will be there

Also I do think edgar vs maynard will happen as well
9/26/10 3:53:08PM

Posted by BlueSkiesBurn

Vitor pulled out because of an injury.


Vitor isn't injured. He's replacing Sonnen.
9/26/10 3:57:11PM

Posted by kaduey

Posted by BlueSkiesBurn

Vitor pulled out because of an injury.


Vitor isn't injured. He's replacing Sonnen.

I didn't write the report, I was just posting what I had found, haha.

Yeah, it's become clear that Vitor wasn't injured as previously rumored. He will be replacing Sonnen.
9/28/10 10:22:17AM
I don't agree with Okami getting a shot, who has he beat? How convincing were those wins? Basically all decisions...

I'd much rather watch Vito/Anderson...
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