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POLL: Who wins
Marquardt KO/TKO 8% (2)
Okami KO/TKO 8% (2)
Marquardt Submission 13% (3)
Okami Submission 0% (0)
Marquardt Decision 38% (9)
Okami Decision 33% (8)
3/19/08 2:16:26PM
if the potential Okami vs Marquardt fight ever happens who do you think will win? They both have similar styles(good on the feet great GnP). This could be a great number one contender fight to determine the next title shot.
3/19/08 2:19:01PM
This would be a great match...... I see this match going the distance and maybe Okami pulling out the UD but who knows Marquardt is a great fighter
3/19/08 2:50:16PM
Id take nate by a third round submission, probably a triangle.
3/19/08 2:59:01PM
I would take Marquardt, but in a close match.
3/19/08 3:26:30PM
I see it going the distance and whoever stays busier will get it.
3/19/08 4:19:07PM
This is a fight that needs to happen in order for someone to fight Silva. Nate should get another shot after another solid win (this being one of the few out there) and Okami's only loss in the UFC was to Franklin so I think he is next in line for a beating er title shot.
3/19/08 4:21:43PM
nate is a little stronger and a little more skilled. i think he is just slightly better at everything.
3/19/08 4:57:12PM
okami would lay on him but he would attempt submission and control the standup, marquardt dec
3/19/08 5:45:22PM
either one by boring decision
3/19/08 7:03:34PM
nate by split decision in an action packed fight
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