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6/23/10 11:55:35AM
KTFO Of The Year! Full video of Sandro-Masanori Kanehara (Japanese broadcast):
6/23/10 12:00:41PM
for a guy that was known for going the distance before he got to sengoku he certainly has become a fearsome striker. its going to be tough to get that belt from him.
6/23/10 3:24:20PM
Training consistently with Aldo will do that for you. He was so emotional in victory, it was awesome.
6/23/10 4:36:45PM
To me he's always been one of those guys that I felt was going to be something. He really should be perfect because his only loss was that questionable decision to Michihiro Omigawa, and he's got a good ground game to match his KO power. Clearly one of the better Nova Uniao products in recent years.
6/23/10 6:35:34PM
6/23/10 6:35:55PM
He's got dynamite in his hands, and that's rare at such a small weight class.

As he adds technique to his strikes, he will become even more dangerous. Unfortunately, Sandro may just avoid the WEC since, as long as Aldo has the belt, he probably wouldn't fight for the WEC's marquee strap.
6/23/10 6:38:28PM
Damn training partner stigma. I'd love to see Sandro and Aldo throw down. Nova Uniao pumps out some machines.
6/23/10 7:59:03PM
Marlon Sandro is in a tragic position. This is as extreme case of "fighting teammates" as you can get. Props to guys like Dunham and Griffin getting past camp loyalty and fighting, but their situation is a lot different than Aldo and Sandro. For Nova Uniao, Aldo is almost like a gym mascot or adopted little brother. Aldo was so young and poor when he came to Nova Uniao that he lived in the gym and ate what other fighters like Sandro and Fabiano brought him. He was the little kid who was always there, and now that all that gym time has paid off and he is a world-beater the other would-be FW contenders are forced with either avoiding the top promotion or potentially fighting someone they consider a little brother or son.

Sucks for Sandro, I wonder if he could move to BW?
6/23/10 8:02:40PM
Good point, ncordless. Very good point. I hadn't even though about it in those terms.
6/25/10 12:43:42PM
Heads-up for those who want to see it (and SRC 13) again: The show premieres TONIGHT at 10 PM ET on HDNet.
6/25/10 4:41:52PM
Damn Brighthouse. I should start a petition for HDNet
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