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12/27/09 5:07:02PM
“She’s an amazing athlete. I will not deny that, but everybody is a human being with two arms and two legs, so everybody is beatable,” commented the challenger. “Everybody has some flaws in their game, and I did see some flaw in her game.”

12/27/09 8:14:53PM
i don't think she has a chance
12/27/09 10:31:47PM
cyborg is an amazing fighter. it also helps that shes built like sean sherk. im not making fun of her im just pointing out that shes in amazing shape compared to alot of other female fighters. look at her pic on sherdog
12/27/09 11:22:20PM
Yeah she is the female version of Wandy, only she is big for her weight class and is more imposing in her division. I want to see the woman that beats her .
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