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6/30/13 3:39:02PM
While dealing with multiple injuries and a tough loss to Chris Weidman which derailed his title run, Mark Munoz had to battle depression which also resulted in an insane weight gain.

The Filipino-American fighter who fights at 185 lbs, ballooned to over 260 lbs and 26% body fat during this stage, and he had to dedicate months to recover from it. Now, just days ahead of his bout against Tim Boetsch next weekend, he's down to 199 lbs, with just 9.8% body fat.

Munoz took to twitter to explain the situation and to post his before and after photos:

6/30/13 4:04:31PM
I have my doubts but I really hope he beats Boetsch, mainly because besides Weidman he was on a tear and I think Boetsch may have peaked with Okami. Not saying that Munoz is the guy to dethrone Silva or nothing, but I believe he can come back like a Pheonix and that would be awesome to watch!
6/30/13 6:54:55PM
Not to be an arse but FastKo posted this news yesterday b
6/30/13 7:28:30PM
Yeah, this WAS posted yesterday!
6/30/13 8:08:24PM
Most likely because it was in the UFC forum and I rarely go in there for news.
6/30/13 8:09:12PM

Posted by JoeWarren33

Yeah, this WAS posted yesterday!

And this WAS posted 30 minutes before yours
7/1/13 1:07:02AM
this is worth mentioning twice tho
Munoz must have the self-control of a fuckin Monk
7/1/13 8:01:45AM
When your job is professional athlete this doesn't impress me much.
7/1/13 3:09:47PM
He just photoshopped his face on Mark Hunt's Body.
7/2/13 1:46:53AM
he looks like mark hunt same size and everything